Did Ben Affleck Just Ruin ‘Batman V Superman’?

Has Ben Affleck just ruined Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice for the hundreds of millions of fans who are anxiously waiting for it to be released? Probably not. But during an interview with The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart, he did reveal that Superman defeats Batman, which, if it is true, is one heck of a spoiler.

Or maybe Affleck’s just trying to bluff us, and Batman is the one who actually topples Superman during their titanic tussle? Or maybe it’s a double-bluff? Either way, we won’t know if Affleck’s comments are actually true for around 18 months, and by then, everyone will have forgotten about them.

Affleck was appearing on The Daily Show to promote Gone Girl, the thriller that will be released across the United States on Friday, and was directed by David Fincher. During their discussion, the conversation turned to Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice, which will see Affleck star as Bruce Wayne.

As the interview began though, Stewart declared, “You’re in two of the most highly-anticipated movies, you’ve got Gone Girl and you’ve got Batman V Superman,” before he then brutally confirmed/joked, “And I hate to do this, but in Gone Girl he kills his wife and then in Batman V Superman, Superman defeats Batman.” But rather than going along with the joke, Affleck exploded, and proclaimed, “What the f***!” Of course, Affleck himself was also teasing, and then this became a running joke throughout their chat together.

Affleck has spent the best part of the last week talking about Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice while also trying to promote Gone Girl. While on the Today Show, the actor talked about the uproar that began to circulate when his casting was announced a few months back.

“What happens is that we have these… cultural stories that people really have attachments to. The fans have imagined it, they write fan-fiction, and they get really into it. They are certainly entitled to those feelings. This is a movie — that more than any other movie — that people come up to me and are excited. You have all of this attention — some of it’s positive, some of it’s negative. I think, in the end, you make the movie and it either works or it doesn’t.”

Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice will be released on March 25, 2016, and it’s going to be kind of a big deal.

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