‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Spoilers: Meredith’s Sister’s Big Secret Is Coming Out

As The Inquisitrreported a few days ago, things are heating up between Meredith Grey and her half sister Maggie.

Since Maggie arrived at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital formerly known as Seattle Grace Hospital, Meredith hasn’t been too kind to her sister. She’s gone over her head, hasn’t respected Maggie, and treated her as if she was her boss. She’s done all of this without knowing that Maggie is her biological half-sister.

A product of her mother’s affair with Dr. Richard Webber, Maggie arrived at the hospital to take over Dr. Cristina Yang’s position as head of cardiothoracic surgery. Now, we’re finding out via E!’s interview with actress Kelly McCreary that Maggie’s secret about her identity may not be a secret for too long.

According to the actress, their mother, Ellis Grey, is going to be the connection that drives her to reveal her secret to Meredith.

“We all know the truth is going to have to come out eventually and it can’t stay secret for long. She did come all this way to find out about her birth family and Meredith is the only lead that she’s got. She’s going to have to get over herself and I think the draw to know more about Ellis is going to win out.”

After fighting during the premiere episode, Maggie convinced herself that she needs to avoid Meredith even though she was looking forward to getting to know her. However, that doesn’t seem to be on the agenda, and we’re likely to see many fights between the sisters.

“We saw in the last episode that they already bicker like sisters naturally and that will continue. We’ll see some parallel lines being drawn.”

As for what fans can look forward to, the actress says it’s all about seeing how everything falls within the season.

“The audience is going to love to see how the chips fall. Meredith and Richard and Maggie and everyone involved in this are going to have reactions that no one expects and I am really excited for the audience to see that.”

This doesn’t come as a complete surprise, as creator Shonda Rhimes already suggested this will be the season of Meredith Grey. If Meredith is going to bond with Maggie, it doesn’t look like it’s going to happen anytime soon. The second episode will revolve around Maggie, and Meredith will be hot on her trail, butting heads with her again and again.

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