‘Sons Of Anarchy’ Spoilers For Season 7, Episode 5 Show: Betrayals, Lies And Face-Offs [Video]

Season 7 of Sons of Anarchy most definitely took a significant turn when the Lin Triad took out everybody at Diosa in Episode 4. What comes next? Fans can’t wait to find out. There is, naturally, a lot more violence ahead and viewers are anxious for Sons of Anarchy spoilers to pin down just who will be left standing.

The next episode, airing on Tuesday, October 7, is titled “Some Strange Eruption.” A betrayal will lead to violence at the Stockton Ports, but just who will be involved? The initial Sons of Anarchy spoiler promo shown at the end of Episode 4, also shared by SpoilerTV, showed Nero questioning Jax and revealing doubts regarding the Chinese’s involvement in Tara’s murder.

Nero accuses Jax of lying and Teller says that Gemma saw the man leaving the house. Of course as SoA fans know, Gemma fabricated that and now it’s blowing back on her in a big way. SAMCRO tore apart Lin’s group in retribution, but now the Chinese have made it clear they’re somewhat aware of what’s going on and they’re fighting back. Lin wants Teller delivered to him or he’ll keep killing.

Unser questions Gemma about who she saw and it’ll be interesting to see if he’s able to see through her lies. Unser knows her better than most and she may not get away with fooling him for much longer. Juice and Gemma are frazzled knowing that they set up the lies that have now led to the slaughter at Diosa and it’s clearly weighing on them.

As Entertainment Weekly notes, Kurt Sutter teases that having 16 killed at Diosa may be a game-changer for Nero. While he’s thought a lot about getting out, this may push him to do it. Previews for “Some Strange Eruption” certainly seem to show him at a breaking point.

Jax seems to be of the mindset that they’ll just clean up Diosa and start over while Nero seems appalled by the idea. It doesn’t seem that Nero is going anywhere yet, but it is clear there is more on the way regarding his desire to put the carnage behind him.

It looks as if the big face-off at the Stockton Ports is between SAMCRO and the Lin Triad and, at one point, Jax is seen seemingly protecting Chibs as one of the Chinese is about to shoot. Chibs isn’t going anywhere yet, though.

Chibs and Jarry from 'Sons of Anarchy' season 7, episode 5

There is clearly more to come between Chibs and Sheriff Jarry, a relationship that fans cannot figure out. Sutter surely is having fun with this component as he is definitely throwing viewers for a loop on just what’s going on here. There will be more in the Season 7, Episode 5 show between Jarry and Chibs again from the looks of the photos released by FX.

It seems that things between Jarry and Chibs will get romantic at some point, but do they know one another from something that happened previously? There’s a lot of speculation but no specific SoA spoilers on this one yet.

Jarry and Jax will have an intense conversation as well, per the Sons of Anarchy spoilers from the latest EW preview. Jarry isn’t new to the dance that needs to be done with groups like SAMCRO, but it is obvious that things are out of control at this point. She says she knows Jax won’t give her any information but Jax needs to bend with her in some fashion so they don’t both get crushed by what has happened with Diosa.

Jarry says she doesn’t care how the intel gets to her but she needs some cooperation or none of them will walk away whole. Jax isn’t pushing against her at this point. Rather, it seems he may well understand that he is backed into a corner and will need to try something different to a degree. That said, he’s not about to just let go of his need for revenge either.

If the first few episodes of Season 7 were to set the stage for what happened at Diosa, fans cannot imagine what groundwork will be laid over the next few episodes as SoA races toward the finish line. Specific Sons of Anarchy spoilers are usually hard to come by, but Kurt Sutter is revealing some key details this season.

Sutter has noted that big things are ahead for Juice around Episodes 6 or 7, and now he’s detailed that a core SAMCRO member will die in Episode 9 or 10 — but it’s not Juice. Interestingly, Venus Van Dam is slated to return in Episode 10 and fans are worried about what that may mean for Tig.

Clearly viewers will not want to miss the Season 7, Episode 5 show of Sons of Anarchy airing on FX on Tuesday, October 7. It’s hard to fathom where Sutter plans to go with SAMCRO, Jax, Gemma and the others but it is most definitely going to be a shocking and wild ride through the final episode.

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