Marijuana Legalization’s 7 Most Surprising Famous Advocates (No, Miley Cyrus Is Not On This List)

Marijuana legalization has reached a state of catharsis in the United States over the last ten years. While marijuana has been appearing on screen for several decades, it is only recent that weed legalization has become a cause akin to gay rights or Planned Parenthood support — something seemingly only edgy to the far-right conservative. In fact, marijuana legalization has lost so much of its taboo that popular celebrities even appear on camera, or in Miley Cyrus’ case at awards shows, lighting up joints and making bong jokes. Still, there’s a few out there that love marijuana that don’t sell hip-hop albums or host late night comedy shows in the fashion of Snoop Dogg or Sarah Silverman.

1. Megan Fox

Marijuana legalization has star support

While Megan’s bad girl image might not make her the most surprising candidate for marijuana legalization advocacy, she’s definitely not the first person you think of when celebrities who smoke weed come up. In 2009 interview with British GQ she shared some choice words about her feelings on America’s War on Marijuana.

“It’s all propaganda. I can’t tell you how much bullshit I’ve been through because I will openly say that I smoke weed…people look at it like it’s this crazy, hippy, fucked-up thing to do. And it’s not! I hope they legalise it and when they do I’ll be the first fucking person in line to buy my pack of joints.”

2. Morgan Freeman

Morgan Freeman — the sweet, lovable voice of countless classic characters always seems like he could be the best grandfather ever. That might be even more true than some potential stoner grandchildren had thought — Freeman told an interviewer earlier this year that he supports marijuana legalization because that’s where he gets his energy from.

3. Frances McDormand

Marijuana legalization has star support

Frances McDormand is best known for her role as a no-nonsense Midwestern cop in Fargo, which is why fans might be a little surprised to know that McDormand has been a marijuana legalization activist long before it was socially acceptable. She even appeared on the cover of High Times in 2003, leaving the magazine with this quote about marijuana legalization.

“I’m a recreational pot-smoker. Because it’s not a constant in my life, I don’t say it should be made legal so it’s more available. But from a medical point of view—I have friends who need to use it—why should they have to look too hard for the thing that makes them better? So from that point of view, it’s like, ‘Please, what is the problem?'”

4. Susan Sarandon

Marijuana legalization has star support

It looks like Susan Sarandon didn’t just like breaking unjust laws in Thelma and Louise, the actress has also been open about dropping penalties in the path toward total marijuana legalization, reported The Daily Beast.

“It will be legal everywhere, and that will cause a very interesting tipping point. Certainly, if more people were smoking instead of drinking, people don’t get mean on weed, don’t beat up their wives on weed and don’t drive crazy on weed. They just get hungry, don’t go out of the house or laugh a lot. I think it would make for a much more gentle world.”

5. Whoopi Goldberg

Goldberg has been extremely open about her use of marijuana, even appearing with a vapor pen in public. But even when marijuana legalization was a far cry from reality, Whoopi was making public appearances under the influence — including when accepting her Oscar for Best Supporting Actress, she confessed to TMZ.

6. Jack Nicholson

Marijuana legalization has star support

A legend like Nicholson knows that he has to be careful about what he says — even if half of his fans know what he thinks. Jack did, however, let down his boundaries to discuss marijuana legalization with The Daily Mail in 2011.

“I don’t tend to say this publicly, but we can see it’s a curative thing. The narcotics industry is also enormous. It funds terrorism and – this is a huge problem in America – fuels the foreign gangs. More than 85 per cent of men incarcerated in America are on drug-related offences. It costs $40,000 a year for every prisoner. If they were really serious about the economy there would be a sensible discussion about legalisation.”

7. Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz is already known for green environmental practices, but she also gotten behind another green movement — marijuana legalization. Diaz is on a long list of female celebrities who are now openly admitting to having previously used marijuana.

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