‘Doctor Who’ Themed ‘Minecraft’ Roller Coaster Video Is Suitably Insane

Do you like Doctor Who, Minecraft, and roller coasters? Then you may want to check out this mind-blowing YouTube video of a Doctor Who-themed Minecraft roller coaster built by Nuropsych1 and Rivergrl21.

The duo has become known for putting together crazy mash-ups between Minecraft and pop culture icons like Ghostbusters and Beetlejuice. Amazingly, all of these are built with using Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition and not the PC version of the game. That means everything was put together meticulously block by block with no shortcuts or building programs like on the PC.

Microsoft and 4J Studios gave Nuropsych1, Rivergril21, and a team of contributors early access to the Doctor Who Skin Pack. This skin pack will officially launch Friday, October 3 and they put together this perspective-bending video to celebrate. It runs the full gamut of past Doctor Who monsters including Daleks, Weeping Angels, and more. There’s even an impressive rundown of past Doctor Who logos that proves that, yes, you can write in cursive using Minecraft blocks.

“Here is a coaster we have been itching to get out to you. It was the most requested in the comments of the other coasters and we wanted to come back with a bang! We promise to get more out to you on our original 2 month +/- schedule so keep your eyes on the channel for more. It was built entirely on the XBOX 360 and recorded in one continuous shot except for the added musical score.

“We had an amazing team of builder, some you have seen before and a few new additions.”

Minecraft console edition developer 4J Studios approved of this roller coaster too. They posted the following on their Twitter feed.

Other Twitter users also were suitably amazed by the Doctor Who roller coaster.

If you think you’re a Doctor Who expert, you may want to go check out this quiz from Radio Times. They test your ability to discern which Minecraft figure is which character from the long-running BBC television series.

What did you think of the Doctor Who Minecraft roller coaster? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

[Image via YouTube]

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