Mariah Carey ‘Insecurities’ Driving Her To Rehab? Nick Cannon Split Could Ruin Her

Mariah Carey is having a very hard time with her split from husband Nick Cannon, and some say that this is going to send her over the edge. According to Star Magazine, Mariah has had some severe issues with self-esteem, and her impending divorce isn’t making her feel any better about herself.

“It’s really sad. Her self-esteem is at an all-time low. She’s run down and bloated, and she isn’t sleeping. It’s horrific to see her like this, but Mariah wears her heart on her sleeve. People dismiss her as a demanding diva, but that’s not entirely true. She’s crippled with insecurities,” a source in Mariah’s entourage revealed.

Mariah Carey could be heading to rehab because her depression has gotten so bad. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Nick has been wanting Mariah to get help for quite some time. With rumors that she’s been drinking heavily and acting strange, many feel that Mariah needs to go to rehab so that she can be 100 percent for herself — and for her two children, twins Moroccan and Monroe (known lovingly as “Roc and Roe” and “Dem Babies”). Some believe that Nick left her because he wants her to get help… sort of a tough love type of thing.

“Mariah will often go two, three, sometimes four days in a row without sleeping. On top of that, she drinks wine or champagne constantly. It’s a recipe for disaster,” the source added.

If Mariah Carey is depressed and having a hard time with day to day things, she should not be ashamed to reach out for professional help. Regardless of what Nick is doing, it seems obvious that he supports her and loves her — as evidenced by his recent Twitter rant. Last month, he posted quite a few tweets about his love for Mariah. According to The New York Daily News, Nick called out the media, denied that he confirmed his split from Mimi, and told the world that he will always love his wife.

Mariah hasn’t said much since rumors of a split surfaced online. Every couple of weeks there seems to be a new rumor out about the couple, but so far, nothing has been confirmed. Fans are hoping for the best and really pulling for Mariah and Nick to pull through.

Do you think Mariah needs to go to rehab? Will she and Nick end up getting divorced? Only time will tell.

[Photo courtesy of Ryan/AP via Daily News]

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