Miranda Lambert, Blake Shelton Divorce: Couple ‘Barely Together’ [Rumor]

Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton are seemingly always on the verge of divorce. If you believe the chunky swill served by tabloids on a regular basis, then the couple are teetering on the edge of the marital cliff. Of course, it’s truly anyone’s guess if there’s even a single shred of truth to these bothersome rumors.

Although Lambert and her husband have crushed these reports in the past, that isn’t stopping them popping up like a troublesome and particularly annoying cold sore in the headlines. According to Radar Online, Miranda and her hubby aren’t having the greatest time these days. In fact, Lambert is terrified that she her marriage is seconds away from completely falling apart. Allegedly, of course.

In case you’re wondering, this sliver of questionable gossip arrived courtesy of In Touch magazine. Since the publication often gets their stories completely wrong, it’s best to approach the following quote with a fair amount of skepticism.

“They’re barely together. Miranda is worried that if this keeps up, they’ll continue to grow apart. She wants Blake to stop partying so hard and get healthy like she did. But he has no plans to slow down.”

Not surprisingly, this isn’t the first time we’ve heard about Miranda Lambert’s troubled marriage in recent days. The Inquisitr recently reported that the country music star and her husband are having trouble keeping their romance from burning out altogether. In fact, some insiders believe that Shelton is cheating on Miranda while filming The Voice.

Showbiz Spy adds that Lambert and Shelton spend quite a bit of time apart, a fact that is contributing greatly to the instability of their relationship. Again, take all of this stuff with a serious grain of salt. There’s currently no confirmation from either party.

“They can go days without speaking. They’ll send a couple of texts, but that’s all they have time for. It’s taking a toll on the marriage.”

Since Miranda and her husband have battled divorce rumors for quite some time, Blake attempted to squash these reports during an appearance on the Today show earlier this year. Shelton told Carson Daly that he and Lambert are actually quite happy these days.

“I would take this opportunity to say, to clear the air, you may pick up a magazine or a tabloid any day of the week that’ll say something about my relationship with Miranda, and that it’s in turmoil and we’re gonna divorce. And the truth is, I’ve never felt a stronger bond… not only with her but with any other human being in my life. I mean, Miranda and I, she’s my life.”

Do you believe the Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton divorce rumors?

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