Jennifer Garner And Ben Affleck Weren’t Invited To George Clooney’s Wedding Because Of Head Lice? [Video]

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner have had a busy few days, promoting their respective films, but is that the reason why they couldn’t attend George Clooney’s wedding in Italy? That was the official answer Ben gave but Garner has another theory. While on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon she mentioned a rather traumatic story about meeting Clooney with head lice.

Now for anyone who has watched the award shows back in 2013, you know that Garner was seated with George Clooney and husband Ben Affleck because he was one of the producers on Affleck’s Oscar winning film Argo. This case of head lice was way before that.

While discussing kids and how they pick up every illness imaginable (including hand, foot, mouth disease), Garner explains a time where the whole Affleck clan had head lice, after one of their children came home with it at school.

“You could come home and get The Call from school. You could get The Call. It is coming your way! The Call is, ‘Hi, Mr. Fallon. Um, this happens a lot, so don’t freak out, but if you could come pick up Winnie. Your daughter has a very treatable case of lice.”

Jennifer explained the rules to get rid of lice to a very amused and equally horrified Jimmy Fallon.

To remove all traces of lice Garner had to call up “a lice lady” who combed a crisco-like substance through their hair. “It looks like they put Crisco in your hair but you smell a little bit like a mixture of sulfur and rosemary.”

Although the family wasn’t supposed to go out, husband Ben wanted to go to a party. Jennifer was reluctant, but she didn’t want to be accused of being “high maintenance” so she went with the “rosemary/sulfur” smelling grease in her hair. The first person Jennifer sees? George Clooney of course.

Garner continues to explain the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad first encounter with Clooney.

“I’d never met George Clooney. I was kind of like, ‘Ah, he’s so handsome! Like, oh, my God!’ So, I see him and I walk up to him and I’m chatting with him, just trying to act like it’s cool…and I can see that he smells me, you know? But he’s trying to be polite.”

So while the two were busy working last weekend as they both have movies coming out in the coming weeks, Garner jokingly said George didn’t want them at the wedding due to the lice incident.

“I think he didn’t want Licey there. He’s like, ‘No, we don’t need the Afflecks. We’re OK.”

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