‘Real Housewives’ Shocker: Lies Captured On Film, What Fans Will Really Learn About Phaedra Parks

A Real Housewives shocker will come to light in the upcoming season of RHOA!

Phaedra Parks is being accused of texting another man and cheating on Apollo. This sounds a lot what Parks blasted Kenya Moore about when she was led to believe the former Miss USA was texting her husband last season — and the season before that.

Speaking with Radaronline, a source reportedly close with Real Housewives of Atlanta reveals what viewers will see this season on the show.

“Phaedra has been trying to paint Apollo as the loose cannon. What a joke! The truth will come out on the new season of RHOA.”

The insider alleges that things were alright between the two until Phaedra didn’t show up to Apollo’s hearing.

“… Apollo knew something was different,” reveals the source.

Apparently, Apollo downloaded messages from Phaedra’s phone while the whole scene was captured on film. Just when Parks thought Nida had left for prison in Kentucky on September 10, he burst into her home unexpectedly while she was changing the locks. It was then he blasted her about the affair she was supposedly having.

“She is trying to sway the public to her side,” the source claims. “But she is a fake.”

Nida demanded she give him money before heading to prison, but “she said no and laughed at him.” When her desperate husband requested that her to she allow their sons to visit him, she refused.

As related articles on The Inquisitr inform readers, Phaedra and Kenya Moore are in an eruptive feud over who’s to blame in the bad marriage. Phaedra reportedly tried attacking Kenya during one of the taping segments for the show, but Kandi Burruss held Phaedra back from striking her.

The Radaronline insider continues that Parks has tried making Moore and the other cast members look bad so it distracts everyone from focusing on her marriage to Apollo.

“She is no southern belle,” the insider claims.

Hollywood Life has photos of the heated confrontation Phaedra and Apollo had for a Real Housewives episode. HL has its own source, who shares what the bombastic confrontation between Apollo and Phaedra was all about.

“That happened before he was about to be hauled off to prison and he wanted to blow of steam and basically tell Phaedra ‘F*ck You’ one last time before he went to do his time. He was mad and bitter that she basically abandoned him and felt like she wasn’t a wife to him when he needed her most.”

The insider says that Phaedra herself also felt betrayed by Apollo.

“But by the same token, Phaedra felt like and still feels he abandoned her family when he engaged in criminal activity, something she claims to have known nothing about.”

What do you as fans believe about this Real Housewives shocker? A lot about Phaedra Parks and Apollo Nida will come out soon on-camera!

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