The Worst Kids’ Halloween Costumes, From The Inappropriate To The Just Plain Odd

Kids’ Halloween costumes are starting to look more and more like the barely-there outfits that college girls love to wear to booze-filled parties on the spooky holiday than cute outfits worn by youngsters out collecting candy and pennies for UNICEF. Making matters worse, sexed-up looks aren’t the only problem — some costumes are culturally insensitive, overly violent, and just plain odd.

Some parents might find questionable kids’ costumes funny or cute, but others could see them as being offensive and inappropriate. If you don’t want you or your children to get judgmental looks all night long, it might be best to avoid the kids’ Halloween costumes pictured here.

Zombie School Girl Halloween Costume

Apparently, they’re now making naughty schoolgirl costumes for actual schoolgirls. Yes, this is a child’s costume.

Monster High And Hello Kitty Halloween Costumes

All the Monster High Halloween costumes are pictured with ridiculously high heels, and that Hello Kitty costume is shockingly short.


According to TODAY, this is a “Phat Pimp” Halloween costume. Most kids probably don’t even know what a pimp is, so why would they want to dress like one?

Harem Girl Halloween Costume

This is sold as a “Harem Girl” costume, but at least most little girls would just see it as a genie costume.

Red Riding Hood

If Little Red Riding Hood dressed like this as a tween, Granny would have grounded her for sure.

Little Amigo And Native American Halloween Costumes

The parents of the “Little Amigo” on the left decided to dress him up like a Mexican stereotype, and Native American-inspired Halloween costumes like the one on the left aren’t any better. When it comes to costumes like these, you might want to heed the words of the kids involved in Ohio University’s STARS program. According to My Shades Magazine, they created the slogan “We’re a Culture, Not a Costume” to make parents think twice before dressing their kids up like caricatures of another ethnic group.

Convict Cutie And Cell Block Psycho Halloween Costumes

It’s strange that convict Halloween costumes are so popular every year. They’re not very creative — why be a jailbird when you’re presented with the opportunity to be just about anything? Here you can see the boy’s “Cell Block Psycho” costume, which is obviously based on human eater Hannibal Lecter. Girls can dress like a less-menacing “Convict Cutie.”

Zombie Hunter

It’s astonishing just how many boys’ Halloween costumes are supposed to be accessorized with guns or other weapons. Did this zombie hunter really need an axe, a gun and a bullet belt to get his point across?

Slender Man And Creepy Clown Halloween Costumes

After the Slender Man stabbing in Wisconsin, it’s shocking that Spirit Halloween and other costume stores are selling child-size Slender Man skin suits. And that creepy clown costume is just all kinds of disturbing. It might haunt the nightmares of all of your child’s friends (as well as those of their parents).

Would you let your kids wear any of these Halloween costumes?

[Images via Spirit Halloween]

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