Sega releasing second Sonic Generations demo this week

If the first demo for Sonic Generations left you wanting more, or even unconvinced that Sonic Generations is worth your money at all, Sega will be releasing a second, more permanent demo for Sonic Generations later this week.

As with the last demo, you’re limited to only a small sampling of the full game’s first zone, Green Hill Zone. This time, however, you’ll get to try out the “modern” Sonic variation of the level and the retro Sonic level. In other words, it’ll be slightly less short.

In the full game, you’ll get to take either classic Sonic or modern Sonic, complete with their own unique playstyles, through recreations of several classic zones from Sonic games of yesteryear, including Chemical Plant from Sonic 2, Sky Sanctuary from Sonic & Knuckles, Speed Highway from Sonic Adventure and City Escape from Sonic Adventure 2.

Sonic Generations is due out on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on November 1. A PC version was also recently announced, and it’ll be made available day-and-date with the console releases by way of digital distribution.

The second Sonic Generations demo is expected out on October 18 for Xbox 360, and October 25 for PlayStation 3.

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