Michelle Money Pregnant? ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Star Confronts Speculation

Bachelor in Paradise stars Michelle Money and Cody Sattler fell in love this summer while filming the show and they are making a serious go of their relationship. Things have gotten serious quite quickly but it seems some social media fans jumped ahead a wee bit. After Cody posted a photo with Michelle and friends, some followers apparently started wondering if there might be a baby on the way. It didn’t take long for Michelle to set the record straight.

The buzz all erupted after a photo Sattler shared on Twitter. It was a group picture that included Michelle, Cody, Michelle’s brother and sister and her best buddy Laura Armstrong. Cody noted that one should be surrounded with people who make you feel loved, and it was a sweet sentiment. Apparently, however, the photo happened to catch Money at an angle that left some Bachelor in Paradise fans wondering if Cody and Michelle perhaps already have a bun in the oven.

Within a few hours, Michelle took to her Facebook page with a new picture and a note straightening people out. She showed off her thin frame and flat stomach and said that while she wished she was pregnant with Cody’s baby, she’s not. The Bachelor in Paradise star added that she felt people should really watch what they say about women in pictures, as it’s out of line to comment about someone looking pregnant when it’s not known for certain.

Aside from the pregnancy comments, life seems to be going pretty well for Michelle and Cody these days. Sattler has moved to Utah where Money and her daughter Brielle live and the trio seems to be quite happy. The two opened up a bit about their relationship while Michelle was cohosting a local morning show recently just as Sattler arrived in Utah for good. Cody and Michelle may have caught many Bachelor in Paradise viewers off-guard when their relationship took off on the show, but it seems this one may well be the real deal.

Cody and Michelle have already done some talking about the future, hinting that there could be a wedding ahead. Could there be babies after that? Many Bachelor in Paradise fans hope so and it would seem the couple is open to the possibility. However, any speculation that Michelle Money is pregnant already with Cody Sattler’s baby is a wee bit premature from the sounds of things. Do you think these two will last?

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