Miesha Tate Recalls The Time She Saved Boyfriend Bryan Caraway’s Mother From Dying

Miesha Tate has been a tough fighter inside the MMA cage and now she’s becoming a hero outside of it.

This summer, MMAjunkie writer Ben Fowlkes wrote about how Miesha saved the life of boyfriend Bryan Caraway’s mom during a snorkeling trip. Now the story is getting some greater national exposure, with a feature on Thursday’s episode of The Doctors, the syndicated daytime talk show.

The scary incident happened earlier this summer during a vacation to Mexico. Caraway wanted to give something special to his parents, who had never taken a vacation.

“My parents have never really been able to go on vacation, because they always put their money and time into us kids,” Caraway told MMAjunkie. “I wanted to do something nice and take them somewhere they’d never go on their own.”

But instead their trip to Cancun nearly turned out tragic. During a snorkeling trip, Caraway’s mom lost her asthma inhaler in the ocean and had an attack. As tour guides desperately tried to give her CPR, her body started to turn blue.

“When we got to her she was completely blue,” Caraway recounted. “I’m talking cartoonish blue, worse than what you’d see in a movie. Her eyes were wide open but she was non-responsive. Her throat was completely closed up. It was the scariest thing I’ve ever seen in my life.”

But Miesha Tate was unflappable. She grabbed an extra inhaler and took 10 puffs herself, then gave Caraway’s mom mouth-to-mouth so she could deliver the medicine directly into the woman’s lungs.

“I just knew that inhalers are bronchial dilators, and that they relax the bronchial tubes,” Tate said. “So I knew that the only way she was going to be able to breathe on her own was if we could get it in there. We’d tried to spray it in her mouth a few times, but there was no air going in or out.”

Those who want to hear Miesha Tate recall saving the life of Bryan Caraway’s mom can check here for air times and local listings of The Doctors.

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