Prince Charles, Barbra Streisand Had A Secret Romance, Singer Was Confident She’d Be Queen

Rumors have started to circulate that Prince Charles had a fling with Barbra Streisand that blossomed into a secret romance.

GLOBE Magazine have made the revelation in their upcoming print edition, and it’s believed that Charles saw the famous singer and actress on numerous occasions after his marriage to Princess Diana had ended. However, his new wife, Camilla Parker-Bowles, is said to be apoplectic at the revelations, which has left the Queen ecstatic at the rift that has come between the pair. Whether all of this is actually true remains to be seen. In fact, it probably doesn’t remain to be seen because it’s quite obvious that the Royal Family won’t ever comment on these matters.

This isn’t actually the first time that Streisand and Prince Charles have been linked romantically with each other. Back in 2006, an explosive biography claimed that not only did Prince Charles reveal that the singer was his “only pin-up,” but he also managed to woo her while on a trip to the United States in 1994.

At the time, he had been separated from Diana for two years, but he was actually involved with Camilla-Parker-Bowles, which is probably why she is so upset that the revelation has been exposed. The speculation started because of quotes in the biography, “Barbra – The Way She Is,” which revealed that Charles and Streisand shared a romantic dinner together where they were allegedly “very affectionate toward each other.”

Streisand and Charles actually first met back in 1974. Charles visited the set of Funny Lady, which was being filmed at Columbia Studios in Hollywood, as he hoped that he would bump into the superstar. They then shared a 20-minute conversation, as well as a cup of coffee, with Streisand later declaring that if she hadn’t have been so nervous she might have beaten Diana to being his wife.

They only next saw each other several years later, in April 1994, when Streisand played at the Prince’s Trust in London. But they then met up in Los Angeles later that year during the Prince’s trip to Los Angeles, and it was at this point that they organised an intimate dinner at the Bel-Air hotel where Charles was staying. This was then even followed up by another meeting when Streisand visited London the next year too, but their relationship ultimately petered out.

Just imagine though, if things had panned out in a certain way, Barbra Streisand could have been the Queen of England.

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