Samsung Sues Apple To Block iPhone 4S Sales

Samsung on Monday filed new patenting lawsuits against Apple in the hopes of blocking iPhone 4S sales in Japan and Australia, those suits join ones already filed in France and Italy.

In each country the patent in question is different, for example in Australia Samsung says the iPhone 4S users a wireless telecom standard patenting by their company, while the Italy claim revolves around a specific user-interface filing.

Samsung and Apple have been at each others necks for months now with the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 currently blocked from sale in Australia after Apple won an injunction on Thursday. Speaking about their win an Apple Korea spokesman said “this kind of blatant copying is wrong.”

Samsung will appeal the courts decision, especially at a time when analysts believe more than half of the company’s profits were earned from the mobile sector in Q3 2011.

Do you think the Samsung Galaxy 10.1 Tab is a “copycat” of the iPad? I find it all amusing considering mocked up versions of tablet devices looks awfully similar before Apple arrive on the scene, take for example the failed CrunchPad project.

In any case the two company’s continue to feud and injunctions aside even court systems around the world have been incapable of coming to final decisions regarding Samsung’s tablet based devices.

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