Mom Blasted For Changing Toddler’s Diaper On Restaurant Table: Makes Employees, Customers Upset

A mom changing her daughter’s diaper on a table in a Chipotle restaurant on a dining table and the incident is drawing controversy.

When the Chipotle customer went inside a restroom to change her 16-month-old daughter’s dirty diaper, there weren’t any changing tables. Having nowhere else to put a clean diaper on the toddler, the mother laid the girl on a dining table and did it. Employees were adamant that she leave the area and change her child’s diaper in the car.

The toddler’s father, Chad, is especially unhappy with how he and his wife were treated the day they ate at Chipotle. Chad sent a copy of the letter he wrote to Chipotle headquarters to Consumerist about the experience.

He admits in the letter that his wife changing the girl on a dining table in front of other restaurant patrons was “unsavory.” He apologizes to Chipotle staff for any health code violations and extra clean-up required after they left. Chad also defends his wife for doing what she did and was appalled at how the employees acted. The disappointed father let Chipotle know that he doesn’t think a lot of its employees have children because of the way they handled the situation.

“[An employee showed] inability/unwillingness to empathize with parents who find [the car] a less convenient alternative even on a beautiful day like yesterday, much less a subfreezing day as we undoubtedly will have in [this region] this winter.”

Chipotle sent a letter back to Chad about the diaper change on the table.

“Thank you for reaching out to us. I’m sorry to hear that you and your family don’t feel as comfortable in our restaurants having a little one that might need changing. I can completely understand that it’s a hassle to find a way to change your daughter, and agree, that there are simply no alternatives as convenient as an actual changing table. We are currently in the process of retrofitting locations with changing tables, but I understand that this is not a very timely solution. I will forward your email to our [city] restaurant team, so they can understand where you come from, to maybe ease some of the tension. As you can understand it might be disconcerting for other customers to see a child getting changed directly on the tables, and we want to provide all of our customers with an exceptional experience.”

“We hope that we get to see you again soon, and that we find a good resolution that makes everyone happy.”

When Chad asked for an exact date on when the changing tables would be installed, Chipotle didn’t specify.

According to The Stir, it’s ridiculous that the mom changed her child’s diaper on the dining table.

“… what world is it okay to plop your child on top of something people eat off of and change their diaper? That isn’t punishing Chipotle, if that was the parents’ intent; it’s punishing the people who had to witness this while they were eating or, worse, the person who sits at their table next.”

A related article on The Inquisitr covered a story about another mom who changed her daughter’s diaper on a table at a pizza restaurant. That incident occurred just months ago.

[Photo Credit: Josh Bassett/Consumerist]

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