Are You Driving One Of The Most Ticketed Cars In America And Unfairly Targeted By Police?

The most ticketed cars in America are not red or beautifully sleek muscle cars cruising down the highway. Driving a Corvette or Porsche down the road may turn some heads or raise a few jealous brows, but these cars aren’t screaming out for a ticket unless the drivers have the pedal to the metal. As it turns out, the most ticketed cars are usually inexpensive vehicles which are popular with younger drivers.

According to CBS News, people who drive the most ticketed cars are likely driving the four-cylinder Subaru WRX. While a few people may be unfairly targeted because of their preference in vehicle, it is likely many of the people who own these cars have a need for speed. analyzed almost 550,000 drivers and their car insurance quotes to release its list of the most ticketed cars in America. According to Daily News, 526 models were included in the analysis, and 33.6 percent of the drivers studied reported being ticketed while driving the Subaru WRX.

Subaru WRX
Driving the Subaru WRX may increase your odds of getting a speeding ticket…depending upon how you drive it.

The top five most ticketed cars also included the Pontiac GTO, Scion FR-S, Toyota Supra, and Subaru Tribeca. The top five list may not be so surprising after all, given their likenesses to The Fast and the Furious-type cars, but the number seven most ticketed car may leave you scratching your head.

The Mercury Topaz, last seen in production in 1994, has been out on the road burning rubber and apparently leaving many other drivers in the dust, at least until the cops show up.

Other blasts from the past in the top 20 most ticketed cars in America include the Suzuki Reno and the Saturn Aura.

So why aren’t muscle cars full of horsepower on the list?

Des Toups, managing editor of, credits the maturity of the drivers behind the wheel of high-powered vehicles and the amount they paid for their vehicles.

“It’s not about horsepower. The Chevrolet Corvette, Dodge Viper and Nissan GT-R rank well below average for tickets even though they can easily double the highest speed limits. But those cars are also costly, so their buyers tend to be older and take fewer risks.”

If you want to stay below the radar and avoid catching a watchful eye from law enforcement, you may want to consider driving a Chevrolet Orlando mini-van, a Ford Eco Sport or a Ford Club Wagon. If those aren’t enough flash for you, the Mercedes DCX Sprinter and Dodge Viper were also among the least ticketed cars in America.

Do you think you’ve ever been unfairly fined because you drive one of the most ticketed cars in America?

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