WWE News: Hell In A Cell Plans For John Cena, Dean Ambrose And Seth Rollins Revealed

If anybody watched Monday Night Raw two days, ago, then you were with the millions that witnessed the genius of Dean Ambrose on the microphone. The WWE hit a goldmine when they signed Ambrose years ago. His charisma and natural ease in the ring will go a long way towards an inevitable Hall of Fame career. For further proof, here’s a clip of Ambrose from Raw two days ago in his natural habitat:

His attempt at humor hit the WWE crowd with a 10-out-of-10. There is no struggle to connect with the audience for Ambrose. Just like John Cena, CM Punk or any great microphone worker, it feels like second nature for the Lunatic Fringe. The eventual match with Rollins and/or Cena will be a spectacle at Hell in a Cell.

Speaking of the next WWE pay-per-view, plans were revealed as to what Cena, Ambrose and Rollins will be doing.

“As of today, the plan is for either John Cena or Dean Ambrose to face Seth Rollins inside the Cell at WWE’s Hell In a Cell pay-per-view in October.
The plan is for Cena and Ambrose to face each other on an upcoming RAW, either the week before or two weeks before the pay-per-view, with the winner facing Rollins in the Cell.

The loser may face Randy Orton at the pay-per-view or may be the “keeper of the key” outside of the Cell match.”

There isn’t a clear prediction yet as both Cena and Ambrose have a case to face Rollins at Hell in a Cell. I’ll say one thing; the loser having to face Randy Orton is a punishment, rather than a luxury. Since it doesn’t look like Brock Lesnar will be at Hell in a Cell, there needs to be a way to incorporate all three men at the show. That is way too much talent wasted if one doesn’t appear there.

It’s also a very interesting note that Ambrose and Cena will be teaming together on Friday Night Smackdown in two days. Knowing the antics of Ambrose, he will screw Cena in the match and he will get beaten down in the ring. Cena is too much of a babyface to pull off such a thing. That will ruin the integrity and character of Cena. Give that job to the WWE’s current anti-hero.

Seth Rollins will continue to feed off the support of the Authority, which fits right into his character. That’s a success right there, which will progress the feud between he and Ambrose. If the WWE wants to capitalize on that feud, make them wrestle in a no-disqualification or Hell in a Cell match to peak their program. Then, the WWE Universe will get a true winner in a feud that could last a whole year. Nobody can get sick of that.

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