‘Evel Dick’ Donato’s Secret Revealed: Why Did The ‘Couples Therapy’ Star Leave ‘Big Brother 13’?

Big Brother star “Evel Dick” Donato and his on-again, off-again girlfriend Stephanie Rogness-Fischer can currently be seen on season 5 of Couples Therapy. It has been teased in promos and by Donato that he will finally open up about just what led him to suddenly and shockingly leave season 13 after just six days. The big reveal comes in Wednesday night’s show, but People is sharing the scoop now.

Fans were stunned when Donato left BB13 during the summer of 2011 just as it was beginning and rumors flew about what happened. He had never been specific about what led to his departure, and chances are that nobody guessed correctly on this one. As People reveals now, Evel Dick is HIV-positive and he learned about it that day he left Big Brother 13.

Donato, 51, shares that he was called into the Big Brother diary room that notable day during season 13 and told that they had done two HIV tests. One had come back positive while the other came back negative. A doctor took more blood, and the results came back that he was indeed HIV-positive.

A preview for the season 5, episode 4 show on VH1 shows Evel Dick first talking with Stephanie about feeling the need to reveal the issue. Then, he is shown talking to Dr. Jenn and starting to share his big secret. Clearly the full show on October 1 will show him revealing the full story.

The Couples Therapy and Big Brother star says that once the confirmation that he was HIV-positive came, he immediately left the house and felt numb. He went to his mother’s house and she was the first person he told. Evel Dick says that telling Stephanie was his biggest fear. However, she was very understanding, he says, and she said they would face things together. She was tested and her bloodwork came back negative.

As for how he contracted HIV, he says he doesn’t know for certain. However, Donato says he’s not gay and has never “stuck a needle in my arm,” so he assumes he got it via unprotected sex with a woman. He says that he knows people will make assumptions about how it happened and that’s okay. Donato adds that he knows there’s a stigma around the disease that makes people afraid to speak up about being HIV-positive.

Until now, nobody in the public knew that Evel Dick Donato is HIV-positive. The Couples Therapy star says he lived in fear of being found out, but he’s decided he’s tired of hiding. He’s also hoping that perhaps people can learn from him.

As for how Donato is doing now, he says he’s on medication and his viral load is “virtually undetectable.” Evel Dick even says that he expects to eventually die of something else when he gets old rather than from HIV or AIDS. The Big Brother star says that even though the disease isn’t necessarily a death sentence like it used to be, it has changed him. He also hopes that perhaps by opening up about it now, he may be able to help other people.

Tune in to Couples Therapy airing on VH1 on Wednesday, October 1 to see Evel Dick Donato finally talk about his Big Brother secret regarding why he left and about his HIV-positive diagnosis.

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