Kris Jenner Believes Bruce Jenner Is Full Of Untapped Talent

Kris Jenner and soon-to-be ex-husband Bruce Jenner are going their separate ways, but that doesn’t mean the Keeping Up with the Kardashians thinks the guy is worthless.

Fans of the Olympian are familiar with Bruce’s athletic accomplishments, but Kris believes his talents don’t begin and end with his physical abilities. During a chat with Giuliana Rancic on Beyond Candid with Giuliana, the infamous “momager” explained that no one has properly channeled Bruce’s talents over the past several years. Although he’s a familiar face on the show, it’s not a good representation of what the guy has to offer.

“I felt like, nobody was tapping into his talent and his fantastic ability to really motivate an entire crowd of people. So we would, you know, hand make these PR kits and we would hand-deliver it to everybody we could think of and mail it to speakers bureaus around the country and we sat back and waited for the phone to ring and the phone rang.”

According to Yahoo! Entertainment, Kris Jenner also explained what she brings to her romantic relationships. In short: If you find yourself getting close with Kris, then you better adequately prepare yourself for some hard love. Since Jenner didn’t really go into detail on the subject, you’ll just have to use your imagination about what that entails.

“I love so hard. Like if I fall in love with you, whether it’s my girlfriends or my kids. The people in my life, I just love really hard.”

Despite Kris’ penchant for hard love, her relationship with Bruce Jenner has ultimately crashed and burned. The couple separated not too long ago, though Kris previously said that she had no intention of filing for divorce. Of course, that ultimately proved false.

The Inquisitr previously reported that Kris Jenner plans to change her name to Kardashian once the divorce is finalized. Since “Kardashian” is essentially her brand, the momager’s change is reportedly a business decision. Radar Online also spilled the beans on Kris and Burce’s post-divorce financial arrangement.

“Bruce will walk away with $20 million in cash, and Kris will end up with $50 million. She got more, again, because of her momager status. They both have various investments and money set aside for retirement worth an additional $10 million each.”

What do you think about Kris Jenner’s opinion of Bruce’s untapped talents? Do you think her soon-to-be ex-husband is properly represented on Keeping Up with the Kardashians?

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