Sending Snail Mail From Your Keyboard

Sick of having to switch over to snail mail for invoices and other forms? A new startup will do all the work for you — and you’ll only pay $.78 more than the cost of a U.S. stamp.

PostalMethods‘ new Web-to-Post business will take any electronic document you send in and print it, collate it, put it in a stamped envelope, and mail it for you. You can submit the document to them via e-mail or by using the company’s API.

The service will handle any letter up to four pages for $1.20 a pop — stamp and envelope included. The price goes down if you prepay higher amounts. The minimum increment is $10.

PostalMethods jokes that it took Google’s “Gmail Paper” April Fools’ prank and decided to make it reality. Pretty cool idea, if you ask me. The same people, by the way, created net-based fax service InterFAX — a similarly themed concept that lets you send faxes electronically for about a dime a piece.

(Via LifeHacker)

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