Neelys Marriage: Gina And Pat Hated Cooking On The Show Together?

Gina Neely and husband Pat Neely couldn’t stand each other, according to the latest report by TMZ. The Food Network’s Down Home With The Neelys couple announced their plans to divorce due to irreconcilable difference last week. In a previous Inquisitr article, it was made known that many of the Food Network fans were curious as to the real reason behind the Neelys divorce after almost 20 years of marriage.

According to exclusive information obtained by TMZ, Gina and Pat did not get along and were already having problems in their marriage before their Down Home With The Neelys cooking show ever started. Behind the scenes Pat Neely is said to be tough in the kitchen, and Gina Neely is known for her not-so-nice attitude. Sources say the couple did love each other, and that Pat Neely really did hug and tug on Gina affectionately quite often, though working together in the kitchen was not good for their marriage.

In fact, some of the newest allegations can be verified by watching an old episode of Celebrity Wife Swap featuring The Neelys and Angie Everhart, according to IMDB. Viewers and Neely fans were shocked to see a different side to the always bubbly Pat and Gina Neely from the Food Network.

In that Celebrity Wife Swap episode, Pat Neely can be seen in the kitchen insulting Angie Everhart, who displayed a sour attitude in the kitchen. In fact, Everhart hated Neelys soul food cooking style, which she considered unhealthy.

When Pat Neely insisted that Everhart help him cook the food she hated so much, she became ‘attitudinal.’ While in the kitchen, Pat Neely constantly told Everhart to hurry up, to go super fast and not to let the food burn. When an exhausted Everhart told Pat Neely that she was not a professional cook, he shot back “No s**t, Sherlock.” He then proceeded to tell his temporary cooking partner that she had a ‘nasty attitude’ and that there was clearly no time for that.

Judging by his kitchen demeanor, one can only assume that he most likely treated Gina the same way. Gina Neely, on the other hand, is known for not taking any mess, which doesn’t go over well with Pat Neely since he despises a woman with an attitude.

It is speculated that the Neelys are using irreconcilable differences as a way to keep the nasty details about their marriage out of the public domain — and, well, who can blame them? The good old fashioned ‘irreconcilable differences’ is a nice way to say “we’re divorcing and the real reason is none of your business.”

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