Haunted Pub For Sale: Frightening Four Crosses Inn Near Home Of ‘Black-Eyed Child’ Could Be Yours!

As Autumn afternoons grow darker, making mysterious village shadows creepier, what’s said to be among the most haunted places in Britain is up for sale — and just in time for Halloween!

So if your dream has always been to own a haunted pub and inn, or just stay in one, surely the Four Crosses Inn could fulfill either dream, while also possibly leading to vivid nightmares if even fragments of the stories that Haunt the Four Crosses Pub, Inn and surroundings are true.

Among the ethereal beings said to haunt the halls of the Four Crosses are a Roundhead soldier and a broken-hearted young lady named Emily, reports the Daily Mirror. Emily has often been sighted weeping while in the ladies toilet room.

So the abandoned and ominous hotel is up for sale, and along with its other ghostly guests, any Four Crosses buyer would also be moving into the neighborhood of the most recent sighting of the Black Eyed Child, a terrifying young female apparition with black pits for eyes, that lures people toward danger with her screams.

black eyed girl, haunted pub
The Haunted Four Crosses Inn is part of the same village where a black-eyed girl phantom was also recently seen.

With that thought in mind, the asking price for the Four Crosses Inn is £325,000. That’s $527,000 American dollars for you Yankee blokes.

The Four Crosses Inn is believed to have been built around 1636 and is located in central England, a few miles away from Cannock Chase in Staffordshire.

There is plenty of room in the Four Crosses for the haunts to spread out, the haunted pub boasting spacious environs both inside and outside.

The brick and timber building has three levels, an inviting bar and restaurant, and 10 bedrooms on the first and second floors. Outside, the haunted pub has space enough for 80 cars to park, and a beer garden.

Again, however, one should expect to share the Four Crosses Inn and grounds with some its more long-term guests.

One of them is said to be a spirit-like little girl in weathered clothes. According to witnesses, she comes and goes by disappearing through the the haunted pub’s walls. Another ghostly man, dressed all in black, loiters on the edge of the parking lot with a look of melancholy focused on the pub.

And speaking of the pub, one of the Four Crosses’ ghosts is the drinking kind, a drunken spirit called Charlie who is believed responsible for much mischief in the Four Crosses’ haunted pub.

The presence of these paranormal beings in the haunted pub is also supported by other unexplainable incidents such as glasses flying off the shelves and mysterious sounds and footsteps.

“I have hosted ghost events at haunted buildings throughout the country and I have to say the Four Crosses Inn is probably the most haunted,” said Chris Arnold, owner of a ghost themed events company called Eerie Evenings. “We have experienced so much there but a piano playing by itself on command was the most dramatic.”

According to Arnold, the haunting history of the Four Crosses runs deep, going back centuries, and is filled with ghostly tales.

“One former member of staff was left spooked after opening up the next day and seeing two neatly placed roses on a seat in the ladies toilets. When she turned round a large candelabra had moved and was blocking her path. There was no-one else in the building at the time. She fled. It is such a great shame that the Four Crosses closed. We are hoping someone will come in and breathe new life into it so we can go back in and seek out the dead.”

Whether or not the aforementioned, and recently sighted in the neighborhood, Black Eyed Child, has joined the other haunts within the walls of the Four Crosses is unknown. But according to the Mirror, other ghost children are often reported hanging out at the downstairs bar of the haunted pub.

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