Teresa Giudice News: Prosecution Asks Judge For Maximum Jail Sentence For Both Teresa And Joe

Prosecutors in the Joe and Teresa Giudice fraud case have reportedly asked the judge to hand down the maximum sentence for both of them. According to Radar Online, the prosecution has taken steps — just two days before the couple is due in court — to push prison for Joe and Teresa. Previously, it was believed that Joe would go to prison while Teresa got off with probation, but now it doesn’t sound like that’s going to happen.

“The prosecutors are asking for prison time for Joe and Teresa. It’s all outlined in their sentencing documents filed with the court. For Joe, prosecutors want him sentenced to 47 months in prison, and Teresa, 27 months. Joe has been resigned to the fact that he will most likely be going to prison, but no one was ready for the possibility of Teresa going also.”

Teresa and Joe Giudice could find themselves behind bars for federal fraud, even though they agreed to a plea deal. However, the plea deal that was made held the possibility of prison for both of the reality stars — it was just less time than they could have faced had they not agreed to it. Apparently Teresa really thought that she wouldn’t be going to prison but, if this news is true, it is undoubtedly devastating.

“Naturally, Joe and Teresa are absolutely devastated and had hoped prosecutors would have agreed to probation, or even house arrest. No one forced the Giudices to take the plea deal, and they accepted responsibility for their actions. Putting them behind bars doesn’t do anything but hurt their four daughters.”

According to Enstarz, house arrest was what many thought Teresa would be sentenced to come October 2 — and she was totally fine with that, given the alternative. This new information could certainly change things for Teresa and Joe. It sounds like they actually have no idea how things are going to go on Thursday, and that is scary.

Teresa Giudice would be very lucky to escape prison time. According to The Inquisitr, the Giudices got a bit lucky when a judge agreed to throw out “sentencing letters” which were reportedly sent in to the court by people who don’t necessarily care for the couple. It now sounds like the letters wouldn’t have made a difference one way or another.

Do you think both Teresa and Joe will be sentenced to prison on Thursday?

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