Firefighters Save Hamster Family

Firefighters saved a hamster family from a mobile home fire. The Washington firefighters crafted a makeshift oxygen mask and bag from standard gear designed to preserve human life and saved the beloved childhood pets from untimely deaths.

The firefighters received an emergency call regarding a mobile home fire on September 26. The fire reportedly started when a woman inside the trailer turned on her dryer and then left to go to a friend’s house. The woman returned to the scene shortly after the firefighters had arrived on scene and began to battle the blaze. Typically, mobile home fires spread quickly, leaving little time to rescue anyone inside – or their belongings or pets.

The hamster family, two adult and three babies, were found next to a “marriage certificate” completed using crayons, KTLA News reports. “Apparently they were married. The family had a marriage certificate for Oreo and Madonna. It was pretty cute,” Lacey Fire District 3 Battalion Chief Tim Hulse said.

The two adult hamsters, presumably the recent bride and groom, appeared to be doing alright and breathing relatively normally. But, the two of the baby hamsters were sluggish and one of the little furry creatures was not moving at all.

The Lacey firefighters placed oxygen tubingover the face of one of the hamsters and the two other baby hamsters were placed inside a plastic bag that had oxygen pumped inside. According to Fox 6 Now News, the crew of firefighters had been specifically trained and specially equipped to offer aid to animals which had been rescued from a structure fire.

Unfortunately, one of the baby hamsters did not survive, but the firefighters did save the rest of the hamster family.

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