WWE News: Two Big NXT Names Set To Be Called Up Within The Year

WWE has made a lot of fans happy with the recent signings of top names from around the world. While WWE is known for bringing in those without experience — who also happen to be jacked — it seems that Triple H has wanted to change that. This is why he decided to search the independents and bring in the talented guys and girls that were making the Internet go crazy. Two names stood out above all the others that WWE had yet to sign: KENTA and Prince Devitt.

WWE brought in names such as El Generico and Pac, now known as Sami Zayn and Adrian Neville in the WWE. Kevin Steen was also brought in. He has yet to get a new name, but most feel he will get one soon. Meanwhile KENTA and Devitt were brought in late into the party, yet WWE wanted them to possibly make the biggest impact. While most would expect the two new signings to come up last, it is said that we may see KENTA and Devitt before we see anyone else come up.

The Wrestling Observer claims that despite Finn Balor(Devitt) being one of the newest to the NXT roster, he was certainly not signed to be down in developmental for two or three years. The same can be said about Hideo Itami(KENTA).

Both Itami and Balor have a lot of fanfare from Japan. Both have a ton of international love and due to this, many feel that the WWE wants to capitalize on that while they are still hot around the world. Balor has a big following in the UK, but due to his time in New Japan Pro-Wrestling, he obviously has a big following out of there as much as Itami has. Itami, meanwhile, is known for his work all over the world, which is why his respect level is so high with many current and former WWE Superstars as well as fans.


WWE is trying to make the WWE Network a big deal around the world, and having two big international names present on the network along with on the main roster is a big deal to the company. They could increase business potential in the UK and Japanese markets, two areas WWE wants to do a lot better numbers in.

Itami has stated that he wants to be in developmental to adapt to the WWE style of wrestling and learn English. However, he may not get such an opportunity due to his extreme international star power. There is a chance that we could see both Itami and Balor come up to WWE as a tag team.

WWE decided to debut Balor at a recent NXT taping where he worked with Itami to take out The Ascension.

Possibly the most legit and ready to be on the main roster signing is Finn Balor, according to many within WWE. Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer speculated that Balor could be brought up “before 90% or 95% of the current NXT talent that’s there now will be up.”

That is huge, as Balor is new to the WWE. The cool part about him is that he already knows how to work in the WWE style. He has also performed on a large stage for years now with NJPW. WWE also realizes that he is certainly the type of performer they love to utilize. Many hope he will use the face/body paint he has been known for on WWE TV. You could speculate that WWE would allow him to do it for PPVs, but every show might be a bit much.

Balor made an impact with his NXT debut already. A video was released of his debut online, which you can see below. Whether or not WWE takes it down soon is up in the air. It is said however that we should not get used to seeing Itami or Balor on NXT as we could see them hit the main roster sooner rather than later. For now though, they are NXT guys.


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