Amber Rose Reportedly Texting With Kanye West After Split With Wiz Khalifa

Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa may be done, but she reportedly has her eyes on a different rapper — ex flame Kanye West.

Not long after Rose and Khalifa announced their split, sources said she expressed interest in re-connecting with Kanye. The two had dated for a long time, splitting up when Kanye began seeing Kim Kardashian behind Amber’s back.

But a source told MediaTakeOut that Amber Rose is once again talking to Kanye West:

“’s insider tells us that two weeks ago, when she had FRESHLY filed the paperwork on Wiz, Amber began calling around – asking if she could get Kanye West’s number. She finally got it from a friend of a friend.”

“Since getting the number, we’re told that Kanye and Amber have been TEXTING EACH OTHER daily. The insider explains, ‘They left their relationship on a bad note, so Amber reached out to basally apologize, and say that she still valued his friendship…. They’ve texted just about every day since.'”

Amber and Kanye had parted on not the best of terms. After their split, Amber called Kim Kardashian a homewrecker, accusing her of stealing Kanye.

“I don’t like to call women names, because I’m about women empowerment. I spoke on my emotions that day — I was just so frustrated,” Rose told MTV News’ Sway when she appeared on RapFix Live.

The history between Amber Rose and Kim Kardashian actually extends a bit further back. Amber also dated Kim’s former beau Reggie Bush, though denied that they hooked up while he was still with Kim.

“Kim is the home wrecker, I’m not the home wrecker. I don’t date men in relationships; I don’t do that to other women,” Amber said. “I got frustrated and I said it.”

If that latest rumor is true, then Amber could be going back on her word as she reconnects with the still-very-married Kanye West.

But there is still more relationship drama for Amber Rose. Aside from the Kanye West rumor, there are also reports that she may have carried on an affair with her driver, who some think is the real father to her son Sebastian.

[Photo courtesy of Amber Rose / Instagram]

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