Donald Trump Humiliated: Serial Killer Tweet Leads To Hilarious Replies From Twitter Users

Donald Trump was humiliated Monday when an online prankster tricked him into posting a Twitter message that included a photo of two particularly heinous serial killers because he had been “a big inspiration” to them.

Once Trump realized his humiliating error, he deleted the tweet from his Twitter account and rather than taking the prank with the sort of self-effacing humor that often helps save face in such embarrassing situations, posted a new Twitter message citing his own “kindness” in retweeting the photo and threatening a lawsuit against the prankster.

But that only made matters worse for Trump, who by Tuesday found himself on the receiving end of a stream of online ridicule, with numerous Twitter users asking him to retweet pictures of various vile and repellent historical figures.

The whole thing started when a Twitter user requested that Trump retweet a photo of the user’s “parents,” to honor their memory because Trump — the Twitter user said — had been a “big inspiration” to them.

The Donald Trump Twitter account scrubbed Trump’s retweet, but here it is as preserved by the U.K. edition of the popular site BuzzFeed.

If Trump had done what BuzzFeed suggested and Googled Fred and Rose West, he would have found that the English couple were not only serial killers, but extraordinarily horrific and twisted serial killers, who sadistically raped, tortured and murdered at least 11 women and girls, including their own children.

The couple likely accumulated many more victims in their killing sprees that lasted at least 20 years, beginning in 1967. The Wests were finally arrested in 1994 when police searched their home in Gloucester, England, for the body of the Wests’ daughter, Heather. Fred West later confessed to killing her.

He then recanted his confession but hanged himself before coming to trial. Rosemary West was convicted in 1995 and sentenced to life in prison, where she remains today at age 60. When Trump discovered who he had just honored, he was outraged.

By Tuesday, however, Trump was the target of dozens of similar tweets — intended with tongue in cheek this time — asking for their own retweets out of Trump’s “kindness.”

Trump, however, offered his experience as a lesson learned for the nearly 3 million people who follow him on Twitter. The lesson according to Donald Trump? Don’t trust people — and don’t be nice.

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