Beauty Tips To Try And Beauty Tips To Avoid

As the summer comes to an end and winter draws closer, many people will be looking for the best beauty tips available to look their best during the chilly season. Here is a short list of beauty tips to try out and a few beauty tips to avoid.

Yahoo News’s own Bobbi Brown is both the editor-in-chief and a beauty expert who recently shared her top beauty tips with her readers. Brown claims she’s frequently asked for beauty tips about all sorts of aspects of makeup and cosmetics, and she’s eventually come to learn which beauty tips work best.

Don’t be afraid to eat: The first beauty tip is not starving yourself for the sake of getting a supermodel body. Bobbi Brown suggests that you think of food as fuel, especially healthy, dark green vegetables and nutrient rich foods. The energy the food gives you will keep you looking healthy, fresh and fit.

Don’t be afraid to drink: The second beauty tip is to stay hydrated. Like food, water is essential to health and can help you looking young and energized. According to Bobbi Brown, drinking lots of water helps your skin glow. This beauty tip also involves eating foods that hydrate as well, such as fruits, cucumbers and celery. Alcohol and caffeine can dehydrate you, so avoid drinking a lot of those.

Don’t be afraid of cosmetic treatments: The beauty tip here isn’t plastic surgery, so don’t worry. Bobbi Brown is referring to hair stylists who can make your hair look bold and vibrant and laser treatment to remove unwanted hair. Laser treatment can also boost collagen levels and even out skin tone.

Find out what beauty tips don’t work: Bobbi Brown also suggests avoiding the beauty tips that don’t work for you. If you don’t have time to risk your own health and beauty on tips that may not work, look no further. The Huffington Post has put together a list of bad beauty tips straight from the mouths of supermodels that should be avoided at all costs. Like Bobbi Brown says, supermodels should not be considered good sources for beauty tips.

DON’T: “Wear a trash bag the next time you work out.” This is a commonly misunderstood beauty tip. Wearing a trash bag during exercise may make you lose a lot of water weight, but it will all come rushing back once you start putting liquids in your body.

DON’T: “Be a bit militant and high-maintenance at restaurants, but that’s OK. I’d rather be skinny than sorry!” Treating people in the food service industry with disrespect will not get you any skinnier. There are ways to be vigilant with your diet that don’t involve rudeness and entitlement at restaurants.

What are your favorite beauty tips? And which beauty tips have you learned to avoid?

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