Kate Middleton To Reveal Her Baby Bump When She Resumes Royal Duties Next Month

Reports of Kate Middleton‘s health have escalated across the internet, creating rumors that her state of health may be much worse than reported and causing worry for the well being of the Duchess of Cambridge and her unborn child. However, new reports have revealed that Kate may be feeling much better and is expected to resume her royal duties as soon as next month.

Suffering from Hyperemesis gravidarum is not exactly the same as morning sickness and is considered to be a rare pregnancy complication. However, it seems the worst of it may have passed as the royal palace has revealed upcoming engagements with Kate Middleton. No official dates have been announced, in case the Duchess takes a turn for the worse.

“There will be engagements in October and November. We just haven’t announced them yet.”

According to a statement made by the royal palace, the Duchess of Cambridge seems eager to get out and about again, rather than being cooped up inside.

“There are engagements she would like to do over the coming months, but they are being reviewed daily.”

Kate Middleton has been absent from quite a few engagements that she was expected to attend. During the planned trip to Malta, Prince William went in her place and apologized to everyone that hoped to get a glimpse of her.

“I’m sorry you’ve got me instead of Catherine. She’s very disappointed she couldn’t be here today.”

When Kate Middleton reemerges into the limelight, her health will be heavily monitored by her medical staff to ensure there is no undue stress upon her or her unborn child. However, her social appearances are expected to ramp up an allow the media plenty of opportunities to catch a glimpse of her royal baby bump and the outfits that she wears to accentuate it.

Somehow, in between her appearances, it is expected that she and Prince William will finally move into their new ten-bedroom Georgian pile, Ammer Hall in Norfolk. A source close to the couple revealed that Kate will be quite busy while in Norfolk.

“While they will be predominantly living in Norfolk, the intention is for Kate to hop between London and Norfolk while looking after Prince George.”

It is unknown exactly how much face time Kate Middleton will endure after her weeks of rest and care. It can be expected that she will unlikely be allowed any strenuous activity and will be closely monitored to ensure she and the baby are not harmed by the expectation of public appearances.

Is it too soon for Kate Middleton to resume her public life? Are you anxious to get a glimpse of her growing belly?

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