Beyoncé Central Park Wardrobe Malfunction: Jay-Z Just Kept Rapping

Beyoncé is no stranger to controversy, whether it be divorce rumors, cheating allegations or how much money she makes.

But no one is ever prepared properly for wardrobe malfunctions, especially really bad ones live on stage, no matter how professional they are.

So on Saturday night when Bey performed on-stage alongside Jay-Z at the Global Citizen Festival in Central Park, the last thing Beyoncé was expecting was for her blouse to open, almost completely revealing her breasts!

During the impromptu performance, while some more than vigorous dancing was going on, the unthinkable happened, and what’s more, Jay-Z didn’t even notice and just carried on rapping.

Fortunately for Beyoncé, her skintone bra protected her from being completely exposed to the onlookers and as soon as she realized she was “popping out” she promptly closed up her top and carried on dancing with her left hand covering her chest, just in case.

It was, by all accounts, a pretty amazing performance by the couple and Bey apparently did an amazing job of adjusting her low-cut blouse every few minutes to stop fans from getting an eyefull.

And this isn’t the first time that Beyoncé has suffered a potentially embarrassing on-stage malfunction as back in March, while performing a Mrs. Carter World Tour date in Lisbon, Bey successfully disguised a stage tumble after she slipped and feel to her knees.

On that occasion, in her truly professional style, she made a great recovery and quickly rose to her feet, enthusiastically jumped in the air and formed her arms into a cheerleader’s “Y” position.

And let’s not forget when Beyoncé fell down a flight of stairs while performing “Ring the Alarm” in July 2007 in Orlando. But even then Bey managed to recover well and not show the pain on her face.

Mistakes are bound to happen but there’s no question that when they do Beyoncé is one performer who always seems to recover and ensure that the “show goes on.”

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