AOL is feature complete says Falco

It’s been a long haul for AOL the Internet brand we all love to hate. It was only 18 months ago that the company set about to rework itself into a more relevant company and while it will always be remembered for its polluting of our mail with those infamous AOL disks it would seem that they have indeed transformed themselves.

In the pas 18 months AOL has launched an advertising platform division called Platform-A, a social media division called People Networks and now with the announcement of MediaGlow they are formalizing their current and future blog publishing as the third leg of their new look. As they posted in their press release on the announcement of MediaGlow

“Our vision was to rebuild AOL into three core businesses — publishing, advertising and social media. With the launch of MediaGlow, we have completed our goal in less than 18 months,” said Randy Falco, Chairman and CEO of AOL. “AOL now efficiently delivers the most relevant and engaging content and is able to uniquely maximize display advertising opportunities for advertisers and publishers across the Web. MediaGlow provides us with the ability to extend our publishing success and puts AOL in a very strong position for the future.”

Source: AOL Press Release

According to the press release the roadmap forward for MediaGlow in 2009 will be the creation of “30 editorially curated site” which I take to mean 30 some niche type blogs will be coming our way this year from the company.

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