Toddler Made To Smoke Cigarette, Tries Giving It Back To Adults, But They Make Him Puff More

A toddler was made to smoke a cigarette so adults could videotape the scene. The shocking footage was posted online to LiveLeak. After the young boy takes a few puffs, he tries handing the cigarette back to those in the room, but they tell him to drag on it some more. Everyone can be heard laughing as the toddler smoked the cigarette.

At one point, the boy sticks the nicotine stick up his nose, which didn’t faze those in the video, who remained unseen. In fact, they found it strangely hilarious, as the boy had no idea what he was doing. He just knew that it pleased those around him. All that’s seen in the video is a somewhat dingy living room with little else to focus on other than the toddler puffing until the cigarette almost fully burns in his hands.

As Mirror reports, the video of the toddler smoking has gone viral, with thousands angry about it.

It’s not indicated where the footage was shot, but the report speculates that it’s from Russia. Young children smoking there is actually common, according to the report.

The Daily Mail had various comments posted in its article from people after watching the toddler made to smoke a cigarette.

“This just too disgusting to watch,” one viewer notes.

“An innocent kid who does not know any better, and can only imitate and follow instruction from the people he trusts most… humanity has failed again,” another wrote.

“Some f***** up people in this world. You need a license to own a dog but any pr*** can have kids. Sad times we live in,” someone else expressed.

The boy is utterly confused holding onto the cigarette as he’s encouraged to keep puffing on it to make everyone around him happy. To many, it’s unimaginable that the adults would allow the toddler to do such a thing and not better protect him since he’s too young to know any different. Maybe they found it cute, but most don’t. Is it a joke to make people believe this is a real video of a toddler smoking a cigarette, or is it authentic?

[Image via Daily Mail]

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