WWE News: Brie Bella Vs Nikki Bella Said To Be Taking Place Inside A Hell In A Cell Match

In what can only be a surprising turn of events, it seems as if WWE could be allowing their Divas Division to go a bit extreme. WWE has not allowed Divas to do revolutionary hardcore match types in quite a while. The last time it was done, we saw injuries and both wrestlers were never the same. WWE has allowed Divas to work a steel cage match, and we’ve even seen TNA allow such. However, who would ever see WWE allowing two of their top girls to fight inside a Hell in a Cell match?

It appears as if WWE might just be giving it to fans. Brie and Nikki Bella have been at each other’s throat for a while now. Brie feels betrayed, and Nikki is wanting to stand out away from her sister. Tough to do as a twin, but I digress.

The two girls have become stars through Total Divas. Most thought that WWE would eventually allow the two to go on different singles paths, but no one expected them to go with the betrayal angle. When the rumors first began, many wondered if WWE would actually go through with the move. Could they really break up twins? WWE did so, and now we have the angle we see now. WWE has done well with the storyline thus far, but the problem is that we have had a lot of talk with little action.

Obviously, the two need to wrestle at some point. However, a match like a Hell in a Cell usually are storyline enders, not beginners. It wouldn’t make much sense for WWE to put the girls inside the cell so quickly. Otherwise they’d have a one-off match instead of extending the angle another few months. If they continued after this match, how extreme could this really go?

The story comes from the same source who broke the AJ Lee/CM Punk wedding news, Reddit user MetsFanForever. He has broken other news as well, such as JTG’s WWE release and even got his hands on some WWE scripts. Other Reddit users have also been able to accurately predict WWE PPV results as well. So while we should take this story as a rumor, we could see WWE make this move.

Nikki Elbow

WWE doing this can be seen as a big move, mainly because WWE has not allowed girls to do Hell in a Cell matches before. Even dating back to the Attitude Era. Some male wrestlers may never even do one. So it would be big if WWE would do such a thing.

Many might speculate that WWE is trying to entice people to renew their WWE Network subscription by offering interesting matches to the fans. The problem we are currently facing however is that none of this is confirmed. While it has some merit, the WWE may not go through with such a match. WWE could give the Bella Twins anything else. A Hell in a Cell match is pretty extreme for them.

WWE allowing this in a PG environment alone is what might leave many fans scratching their heads. While WWE would obviously not expect the girls to bleed, the cell is known for making you see red, even accidentally. Ask Triple H. The issue too is injury, men get hurt in this all the time. So women easily could too. While male wrestlers come in abundance in WWE, there are only so many Divas WWE considers stars. The Bella Twins are two of them. So if they were to lose any one of them for an extended period of time, that could be bad for the the company.

Many would think that the two who would work best for the Hell in a Cell match would be AJ Lee and Paige, seeing as they have had a rivalry for some time now and the Diva’s Title would be on the line. On top of that, both are good performers and easily could make this match work. We do not know that with the Bellas. So again, take this as a WWE rumor for now. If WWE does plan to go with the idea, we could see them announce it tonight or next week.

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