‘Assassin’s Kittens Unity’ Turns Ubisoft’s Game Adorable [Video]

A new YouTube video called “Assassin’s Kittens Unity” takes the premise of Ubisoft’s most successful video game series and makes it adorable. This is a must-see video for gamers who love cats.

Unlike most cat videos, which usually incorporate the fluffy ones in something unusually funny and someone filming it lucky enough to capture the moment, this one shows its production value. The Assassin’s Creed series has been known for its high perches and parkour gameplay, as well as its traditional kill scenes. Mr. TVCow takes a group of kittens and dresses them in hoods and robes for the ultimate parody involving tiny, fluffy assassins.

The people in the video appear to be modeled after French Revolution aristocrats, while the video appears to be taking a queue from Assassin’s Creed: Unity by using what looks like four feline heroes.

As the humans in “Assassin’s Kittens Unity” appear to be playing a game of “rock paper scissors,” one takes off his hat and reveals a powdered wig beneath as the other jabs him in the head.

Then we get our first appearance from the kittens, perching on a plank and seemingly watching from above. Our fluffy heroes jump down into a pile of hay as the music plays a theme of adventure.

The kittens then begin racing across an obstacle-laden course, moving in for the first kill. One of the humans points at the other in horror as it’s revealed that a kitten in a green hood is on his shoulder.

The human falls and the other runs away.

Going for the stealth approach, one kitten starts climbing a tree, the others following its example. The chase continues until the human stops, tired. He turns and sees three little assassins watching from a short distance, looking up just in time to catch the fourth leaping in for the kill.

What did you think of the adorable adventures shown in “Assassin’s Kittens Unity”?

[image via YouTube]

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