Street Fighter X Tekken coming next March, PC confirmed

Fighting game fans looking to get their hands on Capcom’s newest fighting game crossover won’t have to wait for too much longer. The developer/publisher announced today that Street Fighter X Tekken is due out March 6 of next year.

If that alone isn’t good enough news for you, Capcom also confirmed today that a PC version of Street Fighter X Tekken is in the works, and Rufus has been officially added to the game’s expansive roster.

Capcom also detailed a new, somewhat controversial new feature in the game: the gem system. Players will be able to equip “gems” before a battle that give special bonuses to your characters of choice. For instance, players can equip damage gems to increase their attack power, or even add auto-guard and a gem that automatically escapes throws.

Some of the gems have requirements to them or even repercussions, so they can’t simply be used willy-nilly. Capcom said that the feature was mostly built with new and casual players in mind, but veterans should get at least something out of it, even if it isn’t used in competitive play.

To get an idea of how it’ll work in action, Capcom released two new videos, one explaining the game’s combat systems and the other showing them all off. You can check them both out directly below.

via Shacknews

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