Janet Jackson’s List of Tour Demands Released, Bans Jokes About Family

Given that Janet Jackson still only fairly recently lost her brother Michael- to whom she seemed quite close- it seems only fair that she would request comedians who may open for her not joke about her oft-mocked deceased sibling.

While concert riders are frequently held up as the domain of spoiled celebrities, it seems reasonable that performers get to specify a few basic conditions before they head out to perform for throngs of screaming fans. And while Janet Jackson may not have the star power she did two decades ago, the singer and dancer still has a few diva-like demands that she would like to be met before giving a performance.

The Smoking Gun- known for obtaining and leaking like documents- published Jackson’s tour rider and in addition to a lack of jokes about the Jackson clan, Janet has a few other stipulations before she agrees to perform. The list of Miss Jackson If You’re Nasty’s demands is below- do they sound reasonable or a bit too spoiled?

– Unscented candles – 3-4? in diameter
– Cut white tulips or white gardenias or white roses
– Dressing room stocked with fruit and beverages, no alcohol
– Orbit chewing gum
– Gatorade
– Assorted Crystal Light drink mixes
– Organic peanut butter
– Black towels (12 hand towels; 4 bath towels and 12 wash cloths)
– Professional make-up mirror
– 1 power strip
– microwave
– refrigerator
– 2 space heaters
– electric tea kettle
– facial tissues
– Huggies unscented hand wipes
– air freshener – non-floral scent
– variety of news and entertainment, fashion magazines
– paper goods, eating utensils
– TV with cable
– Ipod dock
– high speed internet

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