Louis Tomlinson Thinks One Direction Fans Are Amazingly Dedicated

Louis Tomlinson has a lot of positive things to say about One Direction fans these days. In fact, he thinks the boys and girls who follow the comings and goings of the world’s most popular boy band are nothing short of “amazing.”

However, don’t expect Tomlinson or any of his bandmates to thoroughly comprehend the madness that surrounds 1D anytime soon. During his recent chat with the Belfast Telegraph, Louis said it’s next to “impossible” to effectively wrap your brain around the fervor that surrounds One Direction on a regular basis.

What’s more, Louis Tomlinson believes musicians — or anyone, for that matter — who can properly understand their fanbase’s unwavering dedication is a pretty egotistical and self-centered individual. As such, the singer doesn’t plan to unravel the mystery behind his “amazing” fans anytime soon. Well played, Louis.

“It’s impossible to understand. You’d have to be a very arrogant person to understand it. Just the other day I was down at Doncaster Rovers [the soccer team Louis plays for and part-owns], and two people had flown from Sao Paulo to see me.”

However, despite all the people who would literally kill someone to spend some time with the adorable lads, Tomlinson said touring the world is actually a pretty lonely experience. Although he’s sharing the experience with four other fantastic fellas, Louis admitted that the proverbial road isn’t as warm and inviting as home.

“The tour bus is a little escape, that little back lounge we sit in. Hotel rooms can often be lonely. It’s just an easier way to deal with it all,” Tomlinson explained, adding that he really misses his family and friends when he’s touring with the group.

Louis also revealed in the new One Direction book Who We Are that he was once pretty intimidated by the other members of the band, vocally speaking. During his stint on The X Factor, his lack of a proper solo ultimately had a negative effect on his confidence.

“It wasn’t until the recording sessions for the second album that I started to feel comfortable with my vocals. The lads were helpful too. They’d boost my confidence. Looking back, having to question myself helped me. Even from the early days it was clear we all had our part to play individually, but that together we were somehow greater than the sum of our parts.”

Are you among One Direction’s amazing fans? What do you think about Louis Tomlinson’s theory about properly understanding the group’s success?

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