Dennis Rodman: NBA Players Need To Bow Down In Lockout Dispute

Former Chicago Bulls star and NBA Hall of Famer Dennis Rodman has spoken his mind about the NBA lockout, urging players to “bown down” in order to settle the current lockout and allow the season to move forward.

While Rodman said during an interview with the Toronto Sun that he believes the lockout rests on the fault of the owners, he also believes that it’s time to get the season started with players backing down from the current fight.

According to Rodman:

“I just think that … the players should bow down…In 1999 we (were locked out) and we missed half the season. The owners bowed down then. They gave the players everything. I think the players should do the same thing for the owners because today most of these teams are losing money. It’s not the players’ fault. It’s the owners’ fault. I think they should give a little bit and move on.”

Speaking about the greed he sees in players today he added:

“Most players don’t give a damn about the game,” he said. “They want the money and all of a sudden they want unity. I’m not taking the owners’ side. I think the players should look at themselves.”

As it stands right now the players can be as greedy as they want, the truth of the matter is that under current game cancellations and lockout status NBA players are not collecting any of their salary for their holdout and it won’t be long before product endorsers start looking for NFL and other league players who are actually in the spotlight playing their games each week.

Do you think players should accept their current multi-million dollar contract and move on so the season can begin?

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