Taylor Lautner Gay? Twilight Star Sets the Record Straight

Sorry fellas, Taylor Lautner is not gay. After the Twilight star was spotted having dinner with Gus Van Sant and Dustin Lance Black, the two guys who were behind the movie “Milk,” homosexual hopefuls started wondering about Lautner’s sexuality.

But Lautner says that he’s not gay, and that although some people might find it surprising, actors, writers, and directors occasional meet for dinner. In the latest issue of Australian GQ, Taylor addressed the issue. Lautner said:

“It’s not a coincidence that there was a writer, a director and an actor at dinner.”

When Lautner was pushed about the issue and asked if either of the openly gay filmmakers hit on him, Lautner said:

“No, definitely not. I think they know I’m straight. But they’re great guys. They’re a lot of fun.”

GQ’s line of questioning has irked some gay-rights groups. Advocacy asks if GQ was being homophobic by pushing the actor and questioning the intent of Van Sant and Black. The magazine asks: “Would GQ have asked Lautner the same question if he’d dined with two older straight women?

The new article in GQ reports that Taylor Lautner was paid $7.5 million to star opposite Lily Collins in the new film Abduction. The big payday makes Lautner the highest paid teenager in Hollywood. And with a reported $10 million deal slated for the new Incarceron, Lautner could keep that title until his 20th birthday this February.

Do you think GQ was being homophobic? Can’t two gay men wine and dine a young stud without people asking questions?

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