Rick Ross Makes The Forbes’ Cash Kings 2014 List, But Only As The ‘Chicken Boss’

With the Forbes Cash Kings 2014 list officially announced, Rick Ross is demoted to the “chicken boss”? It’s hard to imagine that a rapper who is self-described as a “hood billionaire” would appreciate that label, but he’s eating it up… literally.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, Rick Ross probably wishes he was Dr. Dre right about now, since he became the first hip hop billionaire in real life, not just in a rap song’s lyrics.

Rick Ross’ Hood Billionaire album pretty much summarized the rapper’s aspiration, and a week before the Forbes Cash Kings 2014 list was announced, he had already declared that he should be among the honored few.

“I’m always top five. That’s in my mind,” Ross said. “The beauty of the Forbes list is that it excites the streets. It gives people an idea of what’s going on financially. It inspires the youngsters.”

While Rick Ross’ net worth is the stuff of rumors and debate, most estimates put him somewhere in the range of $28 million, and it’s believed his annual income is around $7 million. Unfortunately for Rick Ross, annual income is the name of the game in order to even place on the Forbes Cash Kings 2014 list.

For example, Ross has a long ways to catch up with Dr. Dre, since his pre-tax earnings in 2014 were $620 million alone. This huge pile of the Benjamins actually beat out everyone else on the Forbes Cash Kings 2014 list combined, so perhaps it’d be more fair to only consider those further down the list of 24 hip hop stars. Even then, Jay Z and Diddy tied for $60 million, Drake took in $33 million, and Macklemore & Ryan Lewis ended the top five list with $32 million.

So it would seem that Rick Ross would need to increase his income by over thirty times before he can ever hope to make that esteemed list. And that’s why Forbes labels Ross the chicken king. He’s been slowly expanding his Wingstop empire (just don’t bring your guns) and the poultry profits have been slowly expanding to the point that he’s yanking in seven figures just from selling chicken. Ross pockets about $200k in annual profit per franchise and at this point he’s grown to owning nine franchises, most of them centered near Miami.

“I just wanted it to be something,” says Ross of his Wingstop efforts. “The business just grew. It really grew. The community really came out, supported it, and showed us a lot of love.”

It also helps that Wingstop carries his most “favorite lemon pepper wings in the world.” In the world of hip hop, the name of “chicken boss” may not be the most aspiring, but at in the case of Rick Ross it seems to make a good fit.

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