Amber Rose Not At Fault, But Is She Just Trying To Save Face?

Amber Rose is looking more like a woman wronged and less like a cheater. TMZ recently reported that Amber Rose’s final decision to file for divorce came about because Rose caught Wiz Khalifa cheating… except he says it wasn’t cheating at all.

According to the celebrity gossip website, Amber Rose paid a visit to her husband of 14 months at 2 a.m. and caught him in bed with another woman. Sources close to the rapper say that Wiz Khalifa had moved out of the home he shared with Amber Rose and their son Sebastian weeks before the incident. Reportedly, Wiz Khalifa just isn’t interested in being married to Amber Rose any longer, and he doesn’t consider himself to have cheated, because in his mind the marriage was already over.

Could Amber Rose have used the final confirmation of Wiz Khalifa’s infidelity to save face by filing for divorce first? The new revelation of the timeline of the couple’s split calls some things into question. Were they already separated when Amber Rose posted the photograph of the two at what appears to be their wedding reception to commemorate Wiz Khalifa’s 27th birthday?

Was the relationship already in trouble when Amber Rose posted the racy clips of her twerking to Wiz Khalifa’s song? At the time, Amber Rose said the clip was in honor of “Hubby’s #1 Album,” but could she really have been trying to remind Wiz Khalifa of the body he had already walked away from?

Amber Rose’s tweets since news of the divorce broke certainly seem to confirm at least the cheating part of the account being spread by TMZ.

The “fake stories” Amber Rose mentions are probably connected to the repeated rumors that the model cheated on her rapper husband with Nick Canon, who recently separated from his superstar wife Mariah Carey. Canon recently signed Amber Rose to his company, NCredible Entertainment. Both Rose and Canon have insisted the stories of an affair are completely untrue. According to Canon, he and Rose merely shared stories about their respective break ups.

However, hurt Amber Rose may be, she won’t be hurting for funds in the future. Reportedly, Rose insisted on a prenuptial agreement prior to her marriage to Wiz Khalifa that will grant her a one-time payout of $1 million and spousal support totaling $5,000 a month. All that remains is custody of the couple’s son, Sebastian. Amber Rose is seeking full custody.

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