WWE News: WWE Finally Gives An Official Name To The ‘New Nation’ Stable

It seems that WWE’s New Nation stable can finally drop the name it once had. Originally thought to be dropped by WWE over a month ago, it seemed as if Kofi Kingston, Xavier Woods, and Big E. were no longer a team but rather singles competitors. This seemed bad, as it only made sense to pair the three up. Stables typically help everyone get on TV and noticed. This was big for the three men, as all were seen as mid-card or lower mid-card competitors on their own.

Woods barely sees TV time. Kofi and Big E. are rarely, if ever, in a notable storyline. The last big storyline Kingston had was with Randy Orton, where he excelled. However, a tantrum by Orton led to Kofi going back to mid-cards. Pairing them all up seemed like a good plan, especially if it brought out some edge in them all. Now WWE seems to be allowing the stable to grow some legs and see what can be done. Most thought WWE was forming a “New Nation,” taking off from the original all-black stable of the Nation of Domination.

No one really knew what would happen with the group. All that was known was that three of WWE’s black wrestlers were forming a team of some sort. Now we may be getting an indication on who they are and how they will be used, just out of the name.

Xavier Woods let us all in who they were, putting a picture of all three of them on Instagram.

“Smart Athletic Friends @ #WweAtlanticCity this combination is Speed Force… @wwebige – Kofi Kingston”

Speed Force sounds like some sort of new Power Rangers team. Wait, was it already? Either way, it is better than WWE calling them the New Nation or them basically just falling into the name fans were having to give them. We had nothing for so long, so WWE sort of left fans without a name and one formed by proxy. You can’t blame fans for that. Another problem for so long was that WWE was not sure if they would even continue the group.

Months back, the group seemed to form on WWE RAW. The team was seen scouting talent and taking some out at events. It was interesting, but nothing of major value. Then it all ended with all of them going back to being babyfaces. It was a bit weird. They would have them together one week and then separated the next.

Now that WWE has allowed them to do work together and have an official WWE name, we could see the team officially on RAW tonight. Whether WWE lets this group go anywhere or not is up in the air, but we can assume that WWE will see what they have in them. The Wyatt Family cannot be the only faction in WWE; you need more to just make things interesting. With The Shield gone, a new cool team is needed for fans to get behind. We’ll have to wait and see if this group can be that for fans.

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