Khujo Goodie Foreclosure: Willie Knighton, Jr., May Lose Georgia Home

Hip-hop artist Khujo Goodie lost a leg years ago, and now he may lose his home to foreclosure, according to the latest report by TMZ. The Atlanta born native, whose real name is, William Edward Knighton, Jr., missed several mortgage payments for his Georgia home, leading the bank with no choice but to start the process of foreclosing on the home.

Khujo, aka Willie Knighton, who became well known in 1995 as part of the hip-hop group Goodie Mob, lived in the ‘about to be’ foreclosed home with his wife, Tiffany, along with his four boys Siah, Daniel, Gad and Simeon, according to his Wikipedia page. Court records indicate that the singer filed bankruptcy in 2012 and owes the bank around $200,000.

Lumberjack collaborator and Atlanta rapper Khujo – who appeared in CeeLo Green’s reality show CeeLo Green’s The Good Life, has had his share of difficulties in the past, according to a previous article in the Inquisitr. In 2002, Khujo Goodie fell asleep at the wheel and was involved in a terrible accident after leaving the studio in Georgia. The injury was so severe that doctors amputated his leg at the knee, as stated in an old Vibe magazine article. The singer now reportedly receives disability for that injury.

In 2010, Khujo was released from jail after he was convicted of felony possession of a firearm and marijuana possession. The judge in that case released him, stating that one of the charges was legally void, according to statements made by his attorney Daniel Kane to Creative Loafing-Atlanta.

“He had a case in 1990 when he was a teenager that was disposed of under the First Offender Act. If you enter a plea under the First Offender Act you are not formally adjudicated guilty. The mistake was that they thought he was a convicted felon because they thought he was convicted in 1990, So I went back into the archives and got the 1990 case, researched it, pulled the records and presented them to the district attorney and the judge in Henry County and said he could never be a felon in possession of a firearm — there were three counts — because he was never a convicted felon. It was a first offender case, and the court agreed.”

Exact financial information regarding Khujo Gunclub Goodie’s current net worth has not been provided, but TMZ states the following about his current monthly earnings.

“He earns just over a grand a month from royalties and the occasional performances … in addition to disability checks.”

However the case ends, CeeLo Green’s Goodie Mob members, along with Khujo’s fans are hopeful that he will get the foreclosure situation resolved.

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