WWE Return: Rob Van Dam Plans Return, But Nothing Until Then

Rob Van Dam recently finished a run with WWE, and while some may plan to see him turn up at an Indy show now that his obligation is done in Stamford, he’s not planning on it.

According to Van Dam (or RVD, I should say), the chances are very slim that he will end up at a house show for any smaller promotion before his return to WWE.

And yes, he plans on returning to WWE.

“I doubt I’ll wrestle before I go back to WWE,” he said in comments on The Roman Show via Wrestling Inc. “If it does happen, maybe if it’s a good business deal or more likely doing a favor for a friend or something. But I’ll most likely wait until I’m back in the WWE. Right now I have the privilege of coming and going as I please… I come to them when I’m ready, [we talk about] how long the contract will be and there’s no pattern to it.”

In the discussion, Rob Van Dam credited his friend Chris Jericho for coming up with the part-time wrestling contracts gig, and said that when he does come back, he has only one request.

“Put me in there with whoever is making the most money,” he said. “I am going to have a decent match with no matter who I’m with. Sometimes I’ll have a great match if I am in there with someone great, but I don’t have a drive to get in there with anybody. It’s business, put me in there with the main eventer.”

While it’s true that RVD is one of the greats and he can normally bang with anybody, I would have to take exception to the idea that a WWE return is a good move.

On his last run, he had the opportunity to work with Cesaro and a few of the other top talents in the new generation, but he seemed like he lost a step.

His moves didn’t come across as innovative as they used to be, and his timing seemed a little slower.

Aside from that, it’s almost a guarantee that RVD isn’t winning any belts any time soon, so other than the payday, what’s the point of bringing him back?

What do you think, readers? Should Rob Van Dam make his return to WWE, and if he does, is that something you would be interested in seeing? Sound off in our comments section.

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