Miss America Hazing: Kira Kazantsev Caused ’30 Days Of Hell’ For Hofstra University’s Alpha Phi Pledges

The Miss America hazing scandal has various witnesses claiming reigning Miss America 2015 Kira Kazantsev caused “30 days of hell” for Hofstra University’s Alpha Phi pledges. But has this information been “immensely taken out of context and manipulated” as Miss Kazantsev claims?

In a related report by The Inquisitr, despite the Miss America hazing allegations, the Miss America Organization is supporting Kira, saying she has been “fully transparent with the Miss America Organization about her termination from the Alpha Phi sorority” at Hofstra University. Kazantsev also made an appearance on Good Morning America, where she denied being involved directly with any major hazing incidences.

But a former Hofstra University student writing on a beauty pageant forum claims to have personally witnessed the Miss America hazing scandal.

“After watching that I am disgusted by her statements. She blatantly lied to GMA and every single person watching. I was a student when Kira was also at Hofstra and I dated one of her sisters for awhile and I can say with certainty that she was in fact 100 percent directly involved in the hazing. The pledges were scared of her at times. Hope she loses her stupid crown cause she doesn’t deserve it… I mean it is the truth, why would I come on a pageant site to stir up crazy sh*t? I’m not a troll. Just trying to get the truth out there seeing as Kira doesn’t value honesty. She is an evil b*tch and I have seen it with my own two eyes.”

The writers of Jezebel have also been documenting the Miss America hazing scandal ever since it became public knowledge, and they said one of Kazantsev’s sorority sisters has gone public with details about just how involved Miss America 2015 was during the spring of 2013.

“Typically the seniors in the sorority at the time do the most hazing. Kira was a sophomore when I pledged. However, I can guarantee when I pledged Kira attended all events and did participate. I don’t remember exactly what she did or did not say (it was 30 days of hell and no sleep hard to remember details) but she was 100 percent in in attendance to every pledge event as pledge events were mandatory for all sisters…

“We were blindfolded several times and drove around in cars pretty much with no destination while 4 older sisters in the car screamed at you and made you recite alpha phi information. They pretended to brand us by lighting a fork on fire and making us sit in a chair while girls behind you lifted up your shirt. In reality they put a cold fork on your back to trick you. The pledges stood on chairs and the girls took out black markers and started to name our flaws — but then stopped after one flaw was mentioned.

“As a pledge class we stood in a row in front off all the older sisters and had to entertain them — pretty much we had to embarrass ourselves to make the older sisters laugh. We also had to recite information and even if we did get the information correct they would still yell at us for getting it wrong. (Alumni always made appearances for these events and they were the hardest —- her email she claims to have been joking about making a scary night for the pledges was certainly not a joke.. Alumni were always present.

“We stayed up countless nights in a row making the perfect paddles for our ‘big sisters’ — and when we gave our bigs the paddles they put on an act to make it seem like they didn’t like it after we spent so many days (and money) making them… We were not allowed to see our boyfriends (if we had one at the time). We picked sisters up from the bar at 3am during week nights — Hofstra does have a curfew for pledges and each pledge did need to swipe back into their dorm building. However they would make us swipe in to our building, leave a few hours later and then sleep at the sorority house that night.”

Although the Miss America hazing scandal has largely been dismissed by the Miss America Organization, many social media users have flooded their pages with comments indicating that Kira Kazantsev should resign. After all, Kira chose domestic abuse as her platform for the beauty pageant, and the organization claims it holds its competitors to high standards.

Worse, Kazantsev and a friend were kicked out of Alpha Phi for their actions, which may provide an indication on just how bad the hazing could be. In addition, in New York state hazing is illegal, which could have resulted in criminal charges depending on the severity of her actions.

The reason legislators in various states made such “pranks” illegal in the first place is because of the hazing deaths that have occurred over the years. Fortunately, the stories coming out of Alpha Phi so far have not been nearly that violent or scary in comparison, but that should not take away from the severity of what is claimed by the Miss America hazing scandal.

Do you think Miss America 2015 Kira Kazantsev should resign based upon the descriptions given by these former Hofstra University students?

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