Kristen Wiig And Bill Hader Of ‘Skeleton Twins’ Call Out Reporter Who Hasn’t Seen Their Movie [Watch]

Kristen Wiig and Bill Hader are hitting the media circuit to promote their new film The Skeleton Twins. The Saturday Night Live alums, known for their comedic prowess, are starring in what is reportedly a more dramatic-themed film. This departure for the pair may have been what have first alerted Wiig and Hader to the fact that a Denver reporter had not seen the film he was interviewing them about.

Chris Parente at first mislabels the film a comedy, and then asks Kristen Wiig some advice on a delicate matter. Variety reports that Parente called the film a “non-traditional comedy,” while the actors said they preferred to call it a drama with comedic elements. The Daily Telegraph in Australia also called it a “successful comedy about unhappy people” in its brief review, and offers that “[i]t’s a funny movie that builds to a satisfying emotional pay-off.”

Rolling Stone was also clear in its review that although the film is funny at times, it deals with serious subject matter as both Wiig and Hader’s characters are dealing with depression. The publication had high praise for both actors in the film.

“Bill Hader and Kristen Wiig will blow you away with the comic and dramatic range of their performances in ‘The Skeleton Twins.’ But this isn’t a series of sketches. This is one from the heart.”

But minimizing the seriousness of the film was only the first clue that Parente had not seen the flick, about which he had gushed enthusiastically before starting his interview with the actors. As Vulture reports, Parente apparently got some questionable information from a researcher, as he asked Wiig if she had any advice about going nude. Wiig is not nude in the film, although she did bare all in a different project.

When Wiig and Hader are certain Parente has not seen the movie, a fact he admits at the end of the interview when he says he plans to see it when it comes out, they tease him incessantly. All parties to the conversation — Parente and the actors included — seem to be very good sports about the mix-up. You can watch the video below.

Fans of the late-1990s film Notting Hill will remember the scene when Hugh Grant’s character accidentally crashes a press junket for the new film starring his love interest, played by Julia Roberts. As a New York Times review of that film notes at the time, Grant’s character is able to fake his way through the interview without having seen the movie by offering up simple questions to the actors.

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