WWE News: Latest Update On The Undertaker Wrestling At WrestleMania 31

Today’s been a pretty slow day in the WWE world. Dean Ambrose is scheduled to tag with John Cena tomorrow night on Monday Night Raw, Mickie James is still getting congratulated on the birth of her child, and CM Punk still isn’t with the WWE. Well, two out of those three things are surprising. This next tip might change your mind of one major topic in professional wrestling.

Since WrestleMania 30, the Undertaker remained in the shadows. Brock Lesnar beat him senselessly, and he lost for the first time ever at the Grandaddy of Them All. Every fan in the Superdome, watching on the WWE Network and across the world, dropped their jaws. It was truly a moment that will live in infamy.

Most people thought the Undertaker wrestled his very last match in a wrestling ring. Ringside News posted a picture that may tell otherwise if the Phenom will be appearing at next year’s WrestleMania in Santa Clara, California.


Like I mentioned, this doesn’t confirm his appearance at the pay-per-view. The photo is an odd coincidence, because his rumored “bad health” was reported last week. After it came out from very reputable sources, his wife, Michelle McCool, immediately shot down those rumors. Undertaker is said to be in great form. In fact, he just finished a marathon earlier in the day.

Oddly enough, McCool started to post pictures of the Undertaker on her Instagram page. She never put a picture with him visibly on her page, but it looks like the WWE or Taker agreed to let her publicize their marriage. It will never be said on WWE programming, as the WWE has kayfabe to uphold. However, if Taker truly is done, then kayfabe will be thrown out the window.

Regardless, if the Phenom is healthy enough, a return match with Sting would be the desired bout for every single fan alive at WrestleMania 31. Sting even talked about wanting the match to take place in March of 2015.

“I know what happened at WrestleMania where Brock Lesnar broke his streak. I think, or at least I’m hoping, that Taker’s still going to come back and that he’s not done. If he’s not done, and he would consider doing it, I’d love to work with him one time. I’d love to wrestle him one time before I call it quits.”

This isn’t meant to start rumors about how Undertaker is confirmed for Mania, but why would the WWE put his face on a tour bus if they weren’t going to promote him? He will definitely not be in the Hall of Fame induction. Unless Taker will be there for promotional work only, that is a big coincidence. As a fan, to have Undertaker wrestle Sting in each man’s retirement contest, that’s a fan’s dream come true.

[Images via Ringsidenews.com and examiner.com]

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