Registration For Cupid’s Undie Run Starts Soon [Video]

Organizers of Cupid’s Undie Run say they are “putting the hilarity in charity.” Participants in the immensely popular Cupid’s Undie Run charity event will run in their undies to raise three million dollars at the upcoming Cupid’s Fun Run, according to the event’s website.

“When I was diagnosed with neurofibromatosis, I was told it wasn’t going to be a big deal,” Drew Leathers, who was diagnosed with the disease Cupid’s Undie Run aims to raise funds for, wrote In a special editorial for CNN. “Things may change, but hopefully not much. Unfortunately, my form of the genetic disorder has caused thousands of tumors throughout my body, and pain that I never thought possible. I spent more than 180 days in a hospital room 1,000 miles from home and have had basically every plan in my life change.”

“When I first heard what my brother Chad’s friend Brendan Hanrahan had come up with, I thought it was hilarious, and would surely get them arrested. But leave it to them to make it actually work,” Drew wrote. “Since my brother joined the Children’s Tumor Foundation to raise money for research and increase awareness of neurofibromatosis, I have been prescribed the off-label use of a cancer drug to shrink my tumors, and the results have been nothing short of miraculous.”

Participants in Cupid’s Undie Run say the event, which takes place in February is a blast, “I love Cupid’s Undie Run,” is shouted repeatedly in the featured video. Aside from running and donating, supporters of the Children’s Tumor Foundation can support Cupids Undie Run can purchase hilarious products from the Cupid’s Undie Run online store. The store features undies, of course, but also knee-high socks, shirts and coffee mugs. The products feature fun designs and the slogan, “I’m with cupid,” which has also been utilized as the social media hashtag #ImWithCupid.

Jen Dunkle is eager to register for the 2015 Cupid’s Undie Run in Detroit, Michigan.

“This is going to be my first race, so I figure go big or go home,” Dunkle told Inquisitr. “I want to make sure to register right away so that I don’t chicken out. I think this is such a fun way to raise money and awareness for a disease that few know much about.”

Registration will start in the upcoming month, so interested runners should pay attention to announcements for the Cupid’s Undie Run even in a city near them. Potential participants can follow Cupid’s Undie Run on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

[Photo via Cupid’s Undie Run]

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