What Was Shia LaBeouf Running From In Those Purple Tights?

Did you see the photos of Shia LaBeouf running in a green top, purple tights, and pink shoes this week?

You have to admit, at least this latest wacky outfit was more colorful than the paper bags he’s sported in the past.

Perhaps Shia was symbolically fleeing the personal issues he’s experienced since departing the Transformers franchise. Or maybe he was simply running away from good taste and self respect.

No, it seems this past Thursday Shia LaBeouf was engaged in some performance art, according to BBC News.

Shia donned the gaudy gear to run around the Stedelijk museum in Amsterdam, as part of an “artistic” display called a “metamarathon.” According to curator Hendrik Folkerts, LaBeouf’s run was meant to reflect a “marathon” conference being held at the same time in the museum. The topic up for discussion at the meeting was “how the world is perceived by the social media-savvy generation born in the 1980s.”

If you say so, Hendrik. Meanwhile, Shia did 144 laps around the building in complete silence. That’s right — he didn’t speak at all. Given the outbursts he’s had before, that was probably a good idea.

Shia has appeared to be running off the rails a bit over the last year. Case in point: In June, he raised hell at a performance of Cabaret, which featured the talented Alan Cumming. He apparently heckled the performers until he was removed from the audience by security. He supposedly shouted “Do you know who I am?” while being thrown out.

Yes, Shia, we know who you are. Can you say the same for yourself?

As reported by The Inquisitr, LaBeouf pled guilty to all charges in connection with the Cabaret disturbance, and told the judge he would be a good boy. Part of his “slap on the wrist” deal with the court included the promise he would remain in an alcohol treatment program, and that he would “stay out of trouble” for six months.

While it appears that Shia is indeed staying out of trouble, there is something troubling about his choice of running gear, performance art or not.

And even though LaBeouf claims to have “retired from public life,” funnily enough he’s going to be starring opposite Brad Pitt in the upcoming World War II flick Fury.

What do you think of Shia LaBeouf, his acting career, and his bizarre behavior? Also, do you like performance art?

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